[kl-bogel] What is different from the barbecue barbecue?

And the barbecue, and barbecue - is a triumph in the open, it's a process and outcome, the name of the holiday, and most meals. American invariably refers to this kind of holiday barbecue, an Englishman - or barbecue grill, a German - a grill, and we - barbecue.

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7 base differences

1. Barbecue - on the grill, barbecue - in barbekyushnitse.

2. Barbecue - on skewers, barbecue - on the grill.

3. Barbecue, mostly in small pieces, barbecue - large.

4. Shish kebab served with satsebeli, barbecue - with tobasko.

5. Shashlik with grass and vegetables, a barbecue - with fries.

6. Shish kebab marinated always, barbecue - on the mood.

7. Barbecue on the open air (sadoogorod), barbecue - on the bi-bi-kyu-party.

2.Sovremennoe name of the dish to the American Advertising XIX century, which read: Bar-Beer-Cue-Pig [Bar-bie-cue-pig], which in Russian means "bar-beer-communication-pig."

Barbecue in America - the show and hobby, a kind of sport. There's even a word invented - bibikyuer, which in addition to barbecue does not cook. But like the Americans built a hobby into a profitable event rank - even organize special tournaments where the prize winner sometimes reaching one hundred thousand dollars. The most famous of which is held in the South African steppes, near Cape Town. Each year in November (in South Africa in November - month of spring) it is going to two hundred thousand people. This festival is called Braay.

3.Amerikanskie bibikyuery approach methodically and thoroughly. To start with, they pay great attention to the choice of meat, its variety, origin. In the case goes and pork, and beef, and lamb and chicken. As for the chickens, the future victim must be "educated" is not close to the hen house, and somewhere on the open pasture. And be sure the meat must be bold, otherwise the end product will get stuck in the teeth and jaw tire. That is why, perhaps, the most popular among Americans by young pigs.

4.Bibikyuer - professional thermometer measures the temperature in different parts of the unit, and then the data recorded in a special drawing. Now he knows how to throw fuel to the fire, which are pre-dried - it is done in order to avoid the thick smoke wet, leaving a layer on the meat malosedobnoy soot.

Now the most important thing right to make so-called "osmozis" - in Russian it means to put on the surface of the meat so much salt that was formed during frying crust that keeps the moisture inside. Are bibikyuer meat with crushed garlic, grated onion, pepper, all kinds of other seasonings, to his mind only one thing - osmozis. Therefore bibikyuer waiting for seasoning soaked with juice and stick. Only after that the meat is dredged again (but do not rub!) Seasonings. And that is still very important in American barbecue - meat is almost never pre-marinated. In the process of cooking fry the pieces are often sprayed with water or white wine - that's as you wish.

As for the 5.Chto roasting and bake devices - barbekyushnits - that their choice can be very broad: from small devices that fit easily in the trunk of a car to ceramic garden table, which is located in the center of table top grill, and the leg is the oven. But for larger companies are also convenient to have a relatively large and easy-fryer, not a table with various twists, where more than 5-6 people will not fit.

6. What you need to know when buying a barbecue?

The walls of the vast majority of models is quite thin and not able to withstand very high temperatures. So keep in mind: coal grate for just that part on which you need to pay attention. It is not in all models, and its absence significantly reduces the life of the product. However, there is another important point.

Lattice even helps reduce the "conduct" of the walls, but not always. Heat resistant coating And here to help, even if the walls are not thick enough. Good heat-resistant enamel can withstand temperatures of 700 degrees, the coals are heated all the same to 400 degrees. In inexpensive barbecue paint can withstand only 200.

7. Shish kebab - a delicate matter

Now let's see what we have going on. First - about the terms. The word "barbecue" - not of Caucasian origin, as many think. In Russian, it was thanks to the Cossacks, Cossacks and Russian soldiers - members of the Crimean campaigns of the XVIII century. This word is a corruption of the Crimean Tatar "shish" - "spit." "Shishlyk" - "something on a spit." Azerbaijanis as well as other Turkic and Arab peoples, is called shish kebab "kebab", a Georgian shish kebab - mtsvadi, Armenians - horovts.

8.Odnako as the dish does not call it, is a necessary condition: barbecue - and the only main dish on the menu the assembled company. On the table are to be tomatoes and other vegetables, herbs, cheese, seasonings and wine. They only stimulate the appetite, rather than divert it. And there's no salmon, caviar, "Olivier" or salads!

As for alcoholic drinks, according to the rules of any vodka or fortified wines can find no place on a festive table.

9. Any barbecue starts with a choice of meat. For our latitude, perhaps more suited pork neck. Best of all - with stripes. Carbonate, or ham are not suitable, because it will be dry, lean meat on a spit. Fat also give the necessary juice and the meat will just melt in your mouth. For special grocery stores can recommend pork ribs that are cut in pairs.

10. Currently, barbecue has become so popular in Ukraine that can be considered as a national dish and prepare any of the meat. Lamb is good - no doubt about it! But the meat was juicy, you need a lot of loins. And the lamb must be young. Skewers of birds - also worthy dish. You can use the fillet, but you can chop the whole bird into small pieces. And another tip: if you age meat in doubt, just take a barbecue on a nice fat piece. The logic is simple. Lard melts quickly and penetrates like a meat juice.

11. For each grade of meat you want to use your marinade. Marinade can also serve yogurt, yogurt, tomato juice, lemon, onion, mayonnaise, herbs, adjika, mineral water with gas ... But every chef has a recipe that has been repeatedly tried, judged and considered the best.

12. The classic version of the marinade is the same bow - not cut large rings, they are of little help - and scrolled through a meat grinder and mixed with meat, so it is fully permeated onion juice. Salt and pepper added to taste. Then cut into rectangular pieces of meat mixed with this adzhika cooked only tomatoes, peppers and spices and put them under pressure for several hours. Only after these procedures recommended string meat on skewers, placing them over the coals (but not over the fire!) At a height of 10-15 centimeters, so that they form a solid "roof of the meat." Here is the effect of the lattice barbecue. Pieces of meat should be close contact with each other - then the edges will not scorch.

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