[kl-bogel] Wedding dresses of the XIX century (38 photos)

1.Svadebnoe gown of cream silk satin, decorated with beads. End 1870 - beginning 1880

Wedding dresses of the XIX century (38 photos)

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2.Svadebnoe dress of silk, 1880

3.Svadebnoe dress of satin, embellished with pearls and trimmed along the edge of the silk, 1882

4.Svadebnoe dress of the finest embroidered tulle (the upper part, put on breeches) and shoes decorated with beads, the 1900-ies.

5.Svadebnoe dress of silk, the end of 1870

6.Svadebnoe dress of Chinese silk, adorned with lace, 1900

7.Svadebnoe dress of lace, 1908

8.Svadebnoe dress of silk, decorated with embroidery, 1909-1910 year

9.Svadebnoe gown of brocade, adorned with lace and pearls, September 1913

10.Svadebnoe gown of crepe, 1930

11.Svadebnoe guipure lace dress with a sash of taffeta, 1950, the

12.Svadebnoe dress of chiffon, decorated with lace and pearls, 1960, the

13.Plate taffeta skirt with a decorative lace and cap-tablet, adorned with silk lace and beads with a veil. 1960 year

14.Svadebnoe dress in organza, embroidered with detachable train. 1974

15. Wedding gown made of chiffon, embroidered, 1976

16. Wedding Dress of guipure 1980 year.

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