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Green - one of the three primary colors. It is most common in nature, as most plants and some animals, mostly reptiles, have a green tint. In the history and culture of the green is the color of life and rebirth symbolizes the environmental movement, but also is the official color of Islam. Take a look around - the color is literally everywhere!

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(36 photos)

1. This luminous emerald green nebula photo which was taken with the Spitzer Space Telescope, NASA-owned, like glowing rings superhero Green Lantern. Astronomers believe that a ring like this, in fact, owe their existence to powerful light on giant stars, the most massive stars, whose existence is known astronomical science.

2. The protest, using green paint.

3. Dyed green river St. Patrick's Day - a holiday that is celebrated on March 17 in memory of St. Patrick in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Canadian province of Newfoundland.

4. Deadly poisonous green snake yamkogolovaya.

5. A woman with a crop of green limes.

6. Medical Cannabis.

7. Golfer in a stylish green suit.

8. Cat's Eye.

9. Tea plantations.

10. Water lily flower.

11. Message into space.

12. The Celtics team in green uniforms during the game.

13. Women in camouflage.

14. Coconut tree.

15. Green parrot an endangered species.

16. Children in the vineyard.

17. Areas covered with bushes, in Namibia.

18. Kermit the Frog - the character of the legendary "Muppet".

19. Jalapeno - a type of chili.

20. A participant in the parade St. Patrick's Day with a hat in the shape of the traditional green shamrock.

21. The water covered with duckweed and algae.

22. Green balloons over the Vatican.

23. Fans of the team «Seattle Seahawks».

24. Asparagus or asparagus.

25. Cartridges.

26. Bright green machine.

27. Cut unripe bananas.

28. A frog floating in a pond covered with duckweed, June 11, 2008 at the zoo «Tierpark Friedrichsfelde» in Berlin.

29. Tennis balls.

30. The book "Green Eggs and ham" of American children's writer and cartoonist Dr. Seuss Theodor.

31. Verdant rice fields.

32. Green balloon.

33. Astroturf.

34. The mountains on the Hawaiian Islands.

35. Collection of sugar cane.

36. ... And, of course, dollars.

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