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Chastity belt. History and Facts

For the first time this unusual device, locking the woman from the famous male assault, appeared in ancient Greece. Slave women wore a leather belt of two bands: the first encircled the waist, while the second took place between his legs. The main purpose was to protect slave execution of pregnancy: nurturing the child, the girl could not work and slave owner of this turn of events was no good.

Crafts of the ancient Greeks have fallen by the way in the Middle Ages. Tradition locked his wife "the castle" put a German Emperor (whose name history is silent). Each time, going over the boundaries of their lands, forced jealous wife of a blacksmith puts on an iron girdle, which in return his own shot. The product is like real instrument of torture: a bulky design with lots of locks, covers the entire lower body sufferer. In the belt was provided for only one tiny hole mastered natural needs, but about personal hygiene and speech could not be. Well, the only key all the time kept by a vigilant wife

Innovative invention of the German monarch had men to taste. And soon all over Europe, especially in Italy, the chastity belt came into vogue. Model differed from the ancient Greek "keepers" unless the material from which were made: to the zones of bovine skin were added iron, silver and gold, some "art" even decorated with beautiful engraving and inlay. Best copies made ​​in Bergamo and Venice, because of what they termed "Bergamo's Castle" and "Venice of the lattice. In the Renaissance it was widely phrase "lock up his wife or mistress in Bergamo fret.

The first extant chastity belt dated XVI century, in particular, found in the tomb of the XVI century skeleton of a young woman with a rusty chastity belt. In this century, and began mass production.

It is worthwhile to note that "chastity belt" was a fairly expensive "decoration." It was used mostly to mainstream classes - the wealthy merchant class, the bourgeoisie and the princes. And the "chastity belt" is considered an official means of protecting women's chastity from men's claims. Mother is proud to announce the suitors of their daughters almost from childhood are "Venetian bars. For men, the bride was a real treasure, because at that time 15 year old virgin was a real rarity. Key of the castle over the years have kept a vigilant mother. On the day of the wedding, she triumphantly passed the key to the virginity of his daughter to his son-in. Now he became the sole owner of this precious wealth.

Chastity belt in great demand during the Crusades. Going to war for several years, Knight was not sure of fidelity ladies hearts, here and clothed her in a humiliating "underwear." And the unfortunate had to endure torment: they rubbed blisters on his back and in intimate places, sometimes even formed bedsores, change the shape. Time from "the shackles of marriage" martyr had to release because of fears for her life - after a special court order, the lighted church authorities, created a "locksmith operation." Needless to say, this pre-announced to her husband to jealous, not found at the "keeper of loyalty, not perpetrate mob rule over the women's liberation.

There were also tragic outcomes. Not so long ago in the ruined castle in Bavaria had discovered ancient graves in which the resting female skeletons were buried, "decorated" with rusty remnants of belts virtue. As historians believe, it remains poor widows whose husbands had not returned from ratnyh hikes, and they inevitably have to keep fidelity to the death.

Era, spawned a chastity belt, and has created an antidote to them. Cunning manufacturers "keepers" removed a double benefit from the sale of its products: for fabulous money they were given to "aggregate" and the key is jealous wife, but for a fee provide a copy of the key to his wife or her ardent admirer. The trick with a duplicate was not secret and inhumane ritual originally spawned countless jokes and funny stories. Thus, in the museum of Grenoble stored ancient tapestry, which depicts a knight in armor, leaving the castle gate. From the window he waves his handkerchief beautiful girl. On his neck hangs a knight in chain key. And from behind the bushes peeping another knight (not weighed down by armor), who hangs around the neck is exactly the same key ...

Learned about the unreliability of locks on the belts of their faithful jealous began to resort to the jewelers. Before the castle could not open any adulterer nail or the tip of a dagger, but skilled craftsmen to correct this blunder, providing clasp secret: if the lock tried to open the "alien" master key, the spring clamp pinched rod and at the same bit off a piece of metal. Thus, the owner of sexual property could produce ro return count how many times an attempt on his "treasure".

Interesting facts:

1. In Europe, and to this day there are workshops where still make chastity belt in order Revnivtsev 21 st century. In addition to mechanical locks in today's products use the latest materials and technological advances, and electronics. For the recognition of skilled craftsmen, in the year it bought about 150-200 chastity belt. Here's a perpetual business that is supported by male jealousy.

2. In modern Indonesia, where the strong hostility toward the Chinese, some Chinese women wear chastity belts, for fear of rape. Also, in some massage parlors in Indonesia Administration requires masseuses to wear while working counterparts chastity belt as a way to make it clear to visitors that this salon does not prove sexual services.

3. In Victorian England, was first invented by male chastity belt. It has been used to prevent the boys masturbate. Then in England it was believed that masturbation leads to blindness, madness, sudden death, etc.

The very first invention of this kind dates back to 1889. In that era, even an innocent night Chubby teenager was considered harmful to health and eliminate: using electricity! Mechanism is put on the member before going to bed and was fixed to the pubic hair. At the slightest attempt to erect tweezers pulled over the vegetation, poor guy woke up in pain and penis sadly omitted.

Fourteen years later (1903) went further progress. In 1903 he invented "coward conscience": a member was placed in the spring with elektrodatchikami. When straightening the spring (during erection) sensors, closes the circuit - as a consequence, the discharge current and the lack of any excitement.

Next worse. In 1917 in England, invented the current know-how - "samovar" cowards "or as they were called" antimasturbatsionny suit ", by the time teenagers could no longer be deceived by electrical gadgets, the more that some individuals after the discharge current even more excited and fighters masturbation considered that reliable mechanic. This terrible device designed for the hospitals, where lichili underage masturbation. The unit consisted of a leather shorts with a metal ring on a belt and suspenders with a lock - without assistance was impossible to remove the costume. Penis accident was placed into a special spout. Defecate was possible, and to engage in self-gratification - no.

Slightly earlier, in 1909, used a hell of a steel piece, like a trap for rabbits: "clip". He was put on at once and on the penis and the testes, fixed and blocked blood flow to the body.

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