[kl-bogel] Robot mat salleh dah sampai planet marikh pun..

Robokar-rover «Spirit», geologist of the robot, which has captivated the world with their appearance on Mars before it was stuck in a sand trap, is completing his mission, which lasted more than six years. Robokar-rover was in complete isolation for more than a year, despite the daily challenges of NASA. The reason for the rover's exit from the system could be anything, but it is likely ruthless Martian winter, which hurt its electronics, effectively paralyzing the rover's six wheels.

(19 photos)

1. NASA's Mars rover remained active from 2004 to 2010. It was one of the two rovers of NASA mission called Rover Mission. He successfully landed on Mars on Jan. 4, 2004, three weeks before its twin, Opportunity landed on the other side of the planet.

2. Delta II rocket launch with a rover-robokarom on board from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral June 10, 2003.

3. Robokar-rover touched the surface of Mars at Gusev Crater region. His mission was to search for and analysis of water sources on the planet. It was assumed that the mission will last 90 Martian days, that is, 90 times in 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35.244 seconds. The photograph - robokara landing on Mars.

4. Steve Skayres (right), Head-control rover robokara, and Mark Boylz manager to ensure, in the laboratory of NASA in Pasadena, California to celebrate the first received robokarom photos.

5. The first problem with the rover began Jan. 21, 2004, when the interrupted communications with command post. Engineers found that the unit may overheat. Problems were resolved on 6 February.

6. Photo taken robokara cameras.

7. March 5, 2004 NASA announced that robokar found traces of water on rock "Hamofri" (pictured above). In the cracks are minerals, indicating that the planet had water.

8. Robokar the size of a golf-mobile once conquered the audience watching the broadcast of his movement on the surface of Mars.

9. The greatest achievement robokarov was proof of the fact that the current dry and lifeless Mars billions of years ago could boast a tropical climate.

10. In this photo, taken robokarom, observers dreaming movable figure.

11. The climate on the red planet was much more humid and hot, and is suitable for the existence of germs.

12. It traces left on the rock robokarom Mazatsal where robokar found traces of water. Analysis lasted a week. Scala is located near the site of the landing robokara - Gusev Crater.

13. Employees of Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the control center in Pasadena, Calif., watching robokarom-rover.

14. Robokar Opportunity on the Martian surface.

15. In 2005, robokar Spiritizuchil cliffs with the Statue of Liberty. Also, gazing was recorded beginning of sandstorms on Mars.

16. Over time robokar began to grow old.

17. In 2006, denied one of the front wheels, the rover began to move backwards. Then she began to refuse system data storage.

18. NASA informed of the completion of the Mars rover in 2010, six years after its landing on Mars.

19. A formal farewell for the rover will be held at NASA Headquarters and broadcast on a special TV channel.

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