[kl-bogel] Portuguese weekend: The city of Sintra and the estate of masons Quinta da Regaleira

Sintra was built by the Moors in the middle of the XII century on the site of an ancient fortress. Over time, the town became the summer residence of Portuguese kings.

It is home to the royal family - the National Palace of Sintra.

To Lisbon like a stone's throw (about 30 miles), but the climate here is another - the mountains and around the greens create a more mild climate. Role of Sintra increased in the period when in Lisbon was the plague - hence proceeded all the decrees of King for several years. The proximity to the king drew wealthy subjects to Sintra, who built their mansions here.

The tour included a visit to Sintra, a wine shop and tasting of port wine.

This is a Portuguese liqueur is drunk from small glasses of chocolate.

On the mountain is seen Castelo dos Mouros - Castle Moors.

The streets of the historic city of typical Portuguese: narrow streets, colorful tiles on roofs

Center of Sintra

Further, Quinta da Regaleira - Masonic Manor in Sintra.

The estate was built in the last years of Portuguese monarchs in the period from 1904 to 1910. Previously, there was a property of the Templars, and then abandoned mansion. Aura and spirit of this magical place has attracted Dr. Antonio Monteiro, the owner of a fortune, nailed together at the monopoly on coffee trade, and precious stones. Gifted with the spirit of the researcher, philanthropist and renowned collector, bought the estate and founded his own world. As a member of Masonic Lodge, enthralling esoteric and occult practices, Baron Monteiro invited a talented landscape designer Italian Manini, who helped the new owner to realize all of his philosophical ideas.

For the construction of the palace and park were discharged best sculptors and carvers of stone and wood which are embodied in the buildings and the pattern of the Portuguese mythology, history and occult sciences.

Indeed, the estate is similar to what a bizarre garden with a strange-looking towers and fountains, where the prevailing style of the Renaissance. Gardens and buildings are located on the mountainside.

I was given half an hour to inspect the garden, solving a mystery of Architects and the study of mysterious characters.

Tree with books.


This "Well Dedication" - 27-meter pit with a stone staircase to the bottom of serpentine, which consists of nine levels - nine circles of hell, purgatory and hell.

Inside the mansion

View from the Turret house

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