[kl-bogel] Pharaohs of the twentieth century and their mummy (33 photos)

Is unknown, whose experience wise authoritarians of the past century mummify the dead leaders and heroes. Whether the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, who wanted to appear before God's court comme il faut, or the western part of the Papuans of New Guinea, which zavyalivali deceased ancestors of a long memory, and as a reserve food supply. Most likely, the Communists and other surfers simply do not want to give the new nation-wide at the mercy of god bacteria, and enjoyed success in chemistry and biology in matters of preservation of corpses. Indeed, as early as 1881 in a suburb of Vinnitsa was successfully mummified body of the great physician Nikolai Pirogov, and in the second decade of the 20 th century fashion for embalming after death "food" in Europe and overseas.

As long as the dictator is alive in his hands a great power is concentrated. In order to learn from her legacy in full, the successors of deceased gods created from the corpses of their three-dimensional icons, quite miraculous. Remember the Soviet cry: "Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live!". With Vladimir Ilyich we own excursion into the history of pharaohs of the last century and begin.

1. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

It is now a visit to Lenin's Mausoleum in Red Square is a symptom of latent necrophilia. Thirty years ago in the tomb of the undertaker Russia queues are longer than for imported sausage.

Lenin asked to be buried after death as a normal person, but asked lamely. Therefore, the leadership of the Soviet Union organized a reception fake telegrams from workers and peasants with a request to protect the body from decay of the leader. From 1924 to the present day Volodya without brains and viscera resting under the bulletproof glass, only for the period 1941-45 war, having gone on a business trip to Tyumen. So today it is periodically stripped, washed, pripudrivayut and dressed in clean clothes. And in 1998, two Moscow artists, varmint created an unusual pie in the form of Lenin's mummy, which gobbled up at the opening exhibition invited journalists and critics. Under mournful music.

2. Gregory Kotovsky

Optional character jokes about Vasili Ivanovich and Petka, famous for his bald head gleaming and iron character, Kotovsky was the first gangster among the heroes of the Civil War hero and first among the gangsters of New Russia. Grigory Ivanovich was killed in 1925 in Chabanka, near Odessa.

Eighteen months have passed since Lenin's death, so the legendary Red commander also decided to immortalize the mummification and put on public display in a mausoleum in the city Birzool, renamed Kotovsk. In 1941, over the body of the hero Sovietization mock drunken Romanian soldiers. Prior to the completion of the occupation of his remains were hidden in the basement of the locals, after spraying with alcohol. In 1965, the mausoleum of number 3 "was restored in the form of the stele over sklepikom, now he has a sad face and in the evenings dot husks of the seeds and beer containers. The entrance to the tomb is closed on the rusty lock, but if you find a pull in the local museum, you can enter and look into the eye sockets legend Bessarabskiy steppes through the little window in the lid of the coffin.

3. Georgi Dimitrov

Bulgarian "Stalin" Georgi Dimitrov died in 1949 in a sanatorium near Moscow somehow unseemly. Nobody noticed him apparent deterioration of health, and at autopsy revealed liver cirrhosis and heart failure. There is a theory, though the leader of the Bulgarian Communists had been poisoned by mercury, but it is not recognized officially. After the death of Dimitrov's embalmed body, returned to his homeland and parade in a mausoleum in downtown Sofia, which was built in just six days (!) - So strong was "Love People" to the leader of the Comintern.

After the fall of Belinsky wall glass coffin Dimitrova secret so that no one saw, buried, and in 1999 the Bulgarians celebrated 50 anniversary of the construction of the mausoleum, barbarously destroyed it ... a fifth time. Now place the tomb - the usual concrete pad on which you can ride a skateboard or a bicycle. Or even the Bulgarian buffalo.

4. Eva Peron

Beautiful actress, wife of the Pharaoh of Argentina Juan Peron, in life admired and envied by men and women around the globe. Marrying a dictator, not so much to love him, how much power and, according to historians, even the intention to move the hubby to the throne, succeeding in a regular theater theater geopolitical and becoming popular, "a symbol of social justice" and then "Che Guevara in a skirt" .

In 1952 at age 33 Evita died of cancer of the uterus. Her body was embalmed mumifikator the best we could find the Argentine authorities, nicknamed the "master of the art of death." Two years, the sarcophagus with a charming Signora Peron's corpse was in the house of Juan. "It was as if asleep - told all who saw.

In 1955, Peron's overthrow, and the mummy of the legendary woman was taken to Milan and buried there under an assumed name. Peron, who soon returned to power, he married again, and only in 1974, Evita's body returned home and rest in the family crypt. Pilgrims - the darkness! Yes, only the beauty of the former does not really see.

5. Joseph Stalin

There was an anecdote. Say, podselyayut Bolsheviks corpse of Stalin in Lenin's mausoleum, and next morning the coffin with the mustached is in the backyard of the tomb. And so several times, despite the strong guard. Decided to see what kind of miracle happens. And here comes midnight in Moscow, under the chiming clock from the mausoleum of Lenin goes angry and say "How much can you repeat that there is not a hostel!?" Sling "father of all nations" to fresh air.

The body of a smoker and a drunkard, who was allegedly poisoned wretch doctors, embalmed and brought to the ziggurat near the Kremlin in March 1953.

And in celebration of Halloween, October 30, 1961, after German Titov flew into space and delivered to Khrushchev, that God is not against, trying to resurrect the image of a zombie Stalin in Moscow decided to bury the ground. Thought - in the Novodevichy cemetery, but repented, and have issued a warrant for Kobe bloody hole near the Kremlin wall. Against the backdrop of Marshall and Rose Zemlyachka Tolbukhin. Since Lenin alone.

According to the Internet portal "Listvez", the top ten mummified celebrities and famous mummies (oh, Isis, and when I learn to write without tautologies!) Includes our old friend Elmer McCurdy, St. Bernadette (I hope you still remember how to become a saint ), frozen maid Juanita from Peru, little Rosalia Lombardo, the man Tolund from prehistoric Denmark and the mysterious Lady Dai, discovered in China.

Their memory we will almost opportunity, but in the meantime let us return to our sheep, that is, to tyrants. At the same time try in the mind to predict who will be the next "sleeping beauty" in the new century. Can someone who you think, dear reader?

What a pity that the author, whose awareness of the role of leaders in the life of the mass coincided with the five-year plan lush funeral has not been preserved figure of monumental buildings, made a pen in a school notebook, signed by Pyramid Andropov ...

6. Klement Gottwald

And laughter, and a sin, but officially it is considered that the leader of postwar Czechoslovakia, Klement Gottwald deadly cold at the funeral of Comrade Stalin. The fact that the chairman of the CPC was syphilitic and alcoholic, is not taken into account. The people decided that Stalin decided to take to the Hell of such as he, a Marxist-reformist. Together it was nice to povspominat repression yes famine.

Of course, Gottwald embalmed. But whether the formula incorrectly calculated the preservative, or saboteurs blasted a hand, but rested a bit in an ugly, spoiling a beautiful view of Prague, the mausoleum, Czech number 1 he began to deteriorate.

Every year and a half Clement had to re-embalm, replacing otgnivshie fragments of decorative inserts. In 1960, when, despite the efforts of his physician, Gottwald completely blackened, the mausoleum was closed "for inventory, and two years later darkly illustrious corpse cremated. Well, peace be upon him and salute the pioneer.

7. Ho Chi Minh City

The founder of the Soviet regime in Vietnam, a good grandfather, Ho Chi Minh naive bequeathed to the death of his cremated. But no matter how true! Best masters of Oriental Medicine, working hand in hand with the Soviet experts in 1969, allegedly created a miracle - the embalmed body of Ho Chi Minh City, still looks like he's not dead, and lay down for an hour or two nap.

Skeptics taldychat, though the sarcophagus is not the body of the leader, and a doll. And in the basement under the mausoleum of his grandfather Ho is the world's worst underground prison in Vietnam. To skeptics spit in the eye and make your own opinion, it is necessary to fly to Hanoi, to pay $ 2 per ticket and visit the magnificent mausoleum. And then tell us, okay?

8. Mao Zedong

The Great Helmsman Mao Zedong during his lifetime did not wash or brush their teeth. Was such a peccadillo at all merit. Maybe it after shaking hands with Stalin's happened?

Moreover, in 1956 Mao signed a law that all the cultural leaders of China after the death must be brought to the fire. 20 years have passed, and Zedong died following two heart attacks on the 83-year life. And no one dared to burn. Embalmed - and in a crystal coffin, for public worship. Ears, however, sticking out and belly swollen. Soviet experts were unable to help, because in 1970 the USSR and China did not talk with the other sisters, composed poems and daub vzaimoobidnye cartoons.

It is believed that the mausoleum of Mao Zedong must withstand all disasters - earthquake, defaulted or even a nuclear missile strike. For 35 years the Chinese tomb of Pharaoh was attended by around 180 million people.

9. Enver Hoxha

In contrast to the Khoja Nasreddin, Enver Hoxha on a donkey not to go and special wisdom did not differ. But transplanted to asses the entire Albania, banned in the years of authoritarian rule of the private car. Serial Stalinist Hodge struggled with "enemies of the people" and called in his honor peaks. A cult of Stalin in Albania, had time to quarrel with the world, even with China lasted until the late 1980's.

With the coming to power in the USSR Gorbachev's charming terminator Comrade Hoxha wilted, sad, suffered a heart attack and died in November 1985. Mourning lasted 9 days. "But father," embalmed and placed even in a mausoleum, and the very real Pyramid. And in 1991, reburied in the ground on a regular cemetery. Hoxha's Pyramid now serves as a room for conferences, concerts and exhibitions.

10. Kim Il Sung

There was no, no, no greater love on earth than that experienced by the people of North Korea to Kim Il Sung who built the most isolated country in the world and the deceased from a heart attack in search of a place for negotiations on the unification of two Koreas in 1994. After his death, he was declared "eternal president" of Korea, embalmed and resettled in a huge Memorial Palace "Kymsusan, covering an area of ​​350 hectares. The repair of the building was once spent a billion dollars. This - in a country where everything is rationed.

To get to the sacrament of "eternity", you need to eat more than one dog to overcome a lot of Kafkaesque staircases and corridors. Open the sarcophagus with the body of Kim Il Sung's photographs are forbidden under pain of death. Witnesses said, though the head of the leader ... narrowed. Official tours "under guard" are held on Thursdays and Sundays. A foreigner has to negotiate the admission in advance, rather in advance. Usually denied.


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