[kl-bogel] A new generation of Iranian

To see pictures of Iran's future, we should not look at pictures of political leaders in Tehran. More than seventy percent of the population younger than thirty years, and it depends on them, what will Iran. Photographer hiatus Gafik made a series of photographs of young people of Iran that we offer.

(6 photos)

1. In this June will be exactly two years since Iran's youth came out to the streets, seeking to challenge the results of presidential elections. After the fall of the regime, highly educated and technologically savvy new generation had access to Twitter and YouTube and the possibility of using them to tell the world what is happening in the country actually is. In the photograph: Assia, a university student, 21 years old.

2. Many point to the fact that the protests in June 2009 inspired the events of the current "Arab spring" - a wave of protests that swept the East. The photograph - Mariam, a student at university, 19 years old.

3. Journal of NEWSWEEK, communicate with young Iranians came to the conclusion that among them there are those who are optimistic about the future, but most still are not confident in the future. They argue that Westerners do not understand them, and they matter to be heard and understood. The photograph - Mernaz, a university student, 19 years old.

4. The opinion of young Iranians about globalization: "I do not think that the principle of the borders between countries has even a little work. The world is becoming one of the country. We have different laws, and laws of our country different from the laws in other countries. People need democracy. People need to guarantee their rights. I'm no expert in politics, but I think that everything should be fine. No one can predict the future, but I think eventually people worldwide achieve what they want. " The photograph - Hamraz, a painter for 26 years.

5. The opinion of young Iranians on the future: "I can not predict the future but the future of our country is completely dependent on us. I want to be Westerners no longer assume that we are all terrorists here. We are ordinary people who live ordinary lives. Iran has a very bad reputation in the West, all assert that our country and its inhabitants can not be trusted. " . The photograph - Nazim, a university student, 21 years old.

6. The opinion of young Iranians on the "Arab spring": "When I first saw pictures of what is happening in the East, I felt so proud of its neighbors, for people who are so full of courage. I am forever respect of each person who has the courage to fight for what he wants. I do not know. What exactly is waiting for Iran, but I believe that first of all, there will be a cultural revolution. What would it no matter what happens, I believe it will benefit the people. I believe that we are waiting for a bright future. The West is wrong about my country. It's all superstition, they are there believe that we do not like them. But we are the most modern obykenovennye people who try to live today as much as possible, life. And they think that women do we have here quite stupid and can not decide anything. But honestly, I do not notice that we do so very interested. " The photograph - Sanaz, 28, director of the theater.

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