Wednesday, June 8, 2011

[kl-bogel] Mummies of China

A selection of photos of famous Tarim mummies from the Xinjiang Uygur region of China. Most of the mummies has European features and high growth. Their age ranges from 4000 to 2000 years.

(16 photos)


01. "The Beauty of Xiaohu, mummy young woman, approximate dating of 1500-1800 BCE
Photo Wang Da-Gang (almost all photos full size)



04.Fotografii Beauties Xiaohu made at the exhibition at the Museum of Houston Secrets of the Silk Road


06.Obuv "Beauties of Xiaohu"

The girls 07.Vot such ...

08.Drugie Tarim mummies from the museum in Urumqi.


10.Samaya later Tarim mummy, it dates from about 2 century BC This masked man had the biggest growth among all the mummies Tarim, about 2 meters.


12.Neskolko photos from the book: The Ancient Corpses of Xinjiang: The Peoples of Ancient Xinjiang and Their Culture

The famous "Cherchensky man, his age about 3000 years. Probably the most well-preserved mummy in the world ..





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