[kl-bogel] The most eligible bachelors of the royal family

Now that Miss Middleton has received the same engagement ring, the most eligible bachelors of the royal families busy. Let's see who we have there still remain worthy of such wonderful girls like you? Here they are, the eight most sought after and enviable facilities girlish dreams.

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1. Prince Harry of Wales. The lanky red-haired, sea charm. The third in line for succession, Dvadtsatisemiletny this young man does not waste time in vain. He was involved in charity work and learned to control the helicopter. Ah, yes, he is known for his ill-considered actions and a romantic relationship with Chelsea Davy. If you are ready to endure all sorts of wacky tricks and will be able to ward off from his ex-girlfriends - you have a chance!

2. Prince Azim of Brunei. One of the richest unmarried royals, heir to billions of the royal family of Brunei. Prince Azim is not only handsome, he is also outrageously generous! Rumor has it that his friends occasionally receive gifts valued at ten million dollars! However, note that so tidbit attracts more attention than the other ladies!

3. Prince Felix of Luxembourg. To attract the attention of this young man, you have to do sports very seriously and examine the types of ports, which he asks himself. Difficult? May prefer to explore the bioethics
or talk to him about how difficult it is to get a master's degree at the University of Rome?

4. Prince Andrew and Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco. When it comes to bachelor of royal blood, who also are brothers, it is always difficult to choose. Whom would you prefer from the heirs to the throne of Monaco? Major graduate
University of Andrea, who runs a charity and got a list of fifty most beautiful people in the world? Or Pierre, a frequent visitor parties and extender female hearts, who decided to devote himself to doing business?

5. Prince of Greece and Denmark Filippos. Prince who is not a prince? Yes, it happens. According to rumors, the young man now living in London and turned to him "your highness". However, we should not sympathize with him, it is quite
satisfied with the role of the prince in exile.

6. King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, Bhutan. King Jigme - truly the embodiment of today's monarchy. A graduate of Oxford University, he returned to Cambodia to oversee the democratization of society after the abdication
from the throne of his father. The people are very fond of him, and perhaps deservedly so.

7. Prince Wenceslas of Lichtenstein. Prince of the tiny principality, which is waiting for an inheritance to $ 4 billion. One drawback - he has too many girlfriends among the models and he very much likes to party, and as a consequence, is often the character scandalous chronicle.

8. Prince Andrew, Duke of York. However, among the princes are not only green youngsters. A striking example - the Prince Andrew. An ideal father who cares about touching his two children after her divorce from former wife Sarah Ferguson. Is able
Led by helicopter. If you agree to the fact that your future husband spoke with his ex, the best candidate for a husband not to find!

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