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Lake Baskunchak called the All-Russian salt shaker. This unique reservoir area of ​​110 square kilometers, is a peculiar indentation on the top of a huge salt mountains, leaving deep under the ground and cover the sediment. The depth of salt is 6 miles, and the power of the surface layer - 10-18 meters. Surface of the lake at 21 meters below sea level.

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1. Actually Baskunchak lake may be called with some exaggeration. For the most part of its surface can be walked, and sometimes even drive a car. Drowning in it is simply impossible - water saturated with salt by 90%, pushing the body to the surface.

2. However, the depth of the lake is less than 1 meter, and dry summer it is almost completely dry.

3. We drove along the lake in the Urals. This commercial four-wheel drive car with a body tilt, which made the bench for the transportation of people.

4. These machines after each such visit immediately washed. From the words of our driver, car, riding on the salt lake, can not be repaired, and change integer units, as salt corrodes everything, and it is not possible to turn off any of the nut.
The weather on the day of the trip was not predictable: from the scorching sun to torrential rain.




8. Salt extraction was carried out on the lake from the VIII century, and transported it to the Silk Road. In Russian sources Baskunchak lake was first mentioned in 1627. The Book of the Big Drawing ", the first geographic description of Russia, it is called a place where" break the salt, pure as ice. "

9. In 1881, the lake extended a rail line.


11. Rails and sleepers laid directly on the salt.

12. As the case with the truck, the rails are not repaired, and change entire span.

13. And in 1924, mechanized mining using solesosa, extracting 20 tons of salt per hour. Repeatedly upgraded solesos was more effective than other technologies soledobychi and lived up to our days as solekombayna now extracting 300 tons per hour.




17. The lake has no fish, no seaweed, and birds and insects are killed by a few mouthfuls of salt water. In brine live only bacteria that can carry salt. Salt Baskunchak extremely pure (99.8% NaCl) and is considered one of the best in the world. That's what happens with a wooden pole a few years.

18. Russian began to mine salt in Baskunchak under Peter I. The development of this field shattered financial empire Stroganoff and the city lived through soledobychi. Samosadochnaya Baskunchaksky salt was 16 times cheaper wells, which were obtained by means of complex mechanisms evaporation and extraction. Since the XVIII century Solikamsk and other Salt centers are experiencing a hopeless confusion of the early salt production at Lake Baskunchak.
These were the wooden piles. It was mined salt in 19 century.

19. There are different versions of the origin of the name of the lake. A number of researchers to translate Baskunchak Nogai language as a "dog's head, displaying it from the word" bash "(the head) and" kuncha "(dog).
Others believe that the name derives from the Turkic Baskunchak word "bass" (here meaning "chief") and "konak" (parking). In their view, the lake was an important place of salt mining. Another is the assumption that the modern form of the name of the lake - is distorted Mongol-Turkic Uskonchak, which means "solar lake" (from the Mongolian "conditions" - "Water", "lake", and Turkic "coon", "con" - the sun) .

20. Locals have a legend that in the salt cave mountain Bogd was the headquarters of Stenka Razin, there led a secret tunnel under the lake Baskunchak. There dashing chieftain allegedly hid his untold wealth.
Buddhists have a version that Lake Baskunchak formed from the remnants of soup of the Dalai Lama. Generally Buddhists things connect with the lake and the mountain Bogd Baskunchak.

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