[kl-bogel] Kiev with the monument "The Motherland"

Learn-to-user elektraua wrote in his blog: Monument sculpture "The Motherland" in Kiev in 1981, opened the General Secretary of the CPSU, Leonid Brezhnev. Overall height - 102 meters and is now located inside the Sculpture Museum of the Great Patriotic War. There are two viewing platforms - at 36 and 92 meters. I'll show you photos with the fact that 92 m. The third observation platform is located within the sword, but it's closed to the public. In general, it is strange that I still have not climbed the "Motherland", the same place of worship, in my opinion. Not so long ago decided to reform.

(15 photos)

1. The cost of visiting the site rather big - 250 UAH ($ 32), also have a time limit - only 10 minutes. Relatively easy to climb inside the narrow stair prolazy. not allowed to lift the elderly visitors, people in slippers, barefoot, cores, epileptics who have not attained the age of 18, etc. Inside it is very hot, the monument is heated by the sun, and last summer, when temperatures rose in his hand to 72 degrees Celsius, the site was closed on safety regulations. Ground on the shield is closed mesh, which has a small cutout to look at the city not through the cell. Somehow manage to push back and a camera. This view Vidubichi

2. Happened to me Epic Fail. The fact that you could go to different parties, but harmful instructor brought me to the side of Ferris not to the Dnieper, but back in the direction of Pechersk. Move in the right direction, of course, impossible. Choose the weather, too, is impossible. I counted up to the moment when the clouds shut down the sun - progadal.Elitny private sector on the boulevard of Friendship of Peoples

3. Dnieper and the best possible form in his direction. I was asked whether the tottering monument - not loose, the top is not scary.


5. Index "finger" the hand that holds the shield.


7. Who said that Kiev is not a green city? )) Even some green, will give Europe a head start

8. LCD Triumph at Zvirynetsky street pictures c it here

9. Kirpa Bridge and the South (the highest in Ukraine). Top views of the southern post is not very much, somehow did not get it yet normally shoot from a height

10. ul.Strutinskogo. Yesterday was a crane on that right in the frame.

11. Pechersk. Lesia Ukrainka Blvd. Cover photo of this post was made with a cylindrical house orange, if that. Other pictures show the mood there, and then they do not like something to me.

12. The highest residential building in Ukraine, about him, I wrote a few posts ago. But the highest it will not be long ;)

13. Paton bridge since the foot of the monument.

14. Southbridge

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