[kl-bogel] Heroin hits record in Pakistan

Number of victims of drug abuse in Pakistan has increased rapidly over the past two decades. The Pakistani government blames this process of ongoing military operations against the Taliban. One way or another, but the country is firmly and irrevocably losing the battle against heroin, which enjoys a growing popularity all. The nearest neighbor, Afghanistan, is the largest producer of opium, a key ingredient of heroin. Despite the prohibition of this culture in Pakistan, opium acted and continues to do across the border. Question addiction is even more important against the background of other humanitarian issues in the region, in particular, rampant poverty, illiteracy and lack of even basic and basic health care. Moreover, drug abuse continues in all the countries of South Asia.

(15 photos)

1. February 9, 2009. - Peshawar, Pakistan. - A drug addict for heroin. Most addicts are going to commit crimes and steal to buy drugs. Heroin coming from Afghanistan, it is very cheap, sell grams of heroin for a hundred rupees, which amounts to little more than a dollar.

2. Addict stopped on railroad tracks, to take a dose.

3. Crouched in a shack, a drug addict was lighting his pipe.

4. Farmer poppy in his field. Most heroin in Pakistan comes from the uninterruptible power - in neighboring Afghanistan, which is the largest opium producer in the world.

5. Detoxification drugs will be given to drug addicts to prevent the use of heroin and help them cope with withdrawal symptoms. In Peshawar, dozens of districts, where thousands of addicts living in small communities. These communities tend to lack even basic sanitation.

6. Addicts inject on the street, in the immediate vicinity of the bins and dumps.

7. Two men waiting for their turn in the detoxification clinic. Heroin is an extremely dangerous opioid drug. The nervous system of the addict quickly becomes accustomed to the use of large doses of heroin, making it an unusually protracted detoxification and difficult. It can not go yourself, without professional help, which also complicates the process.

8. Addict sleeping on the road to padded cardboard. Although Pakistan has introduced serious penalties for drug distribution, and retail dealers feel there like a fish in water - for their hard work the police do not pay attention.

9. And here's what a community of drug addicts. They are located under bridges, landfills, abandoned and set aside for the demolition of buildings. About any sanitation at all it is not. Here, of course, no electricity, no running water, but an abundance of rats and other vermin.

10. Addicts smoke heroin on the streets, very rarely in secluded areas. Typically, this happens in front of passers-by.

11. Another community. Only about one percent of Pakistan's addicts are women, because the fear of disgracing the family in this conservative Muslim society is so great that most women do not even attempt to try to 'soft drugs' such as marijuana and hashish.

12. Addict for heroin. Most addicts can not afford needles, so the use of silver foil from cigarette packs. They burn down the white backing paper, distribute heroin on foil and while holding a match under it to heat the drug. Then it is inhaled through a straw.

13. Addict for heroin.

14. Addict inject heroin.

15. The leaflet, distributed in the United Nations crime prevention and drug abuse. The program provides for increasing the overall awareness of the consequences of drug use, particularly heroin, and also gives advice on detoxicants to help cope with withdrawal symptoms.

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