[kl-bogel] Grand Hotel Kazan 4 * and Tatar cuisine

In addition to a trip to Kaluga, about which I wrote last post , I was able to attend the May celebrations in the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan. From the city of delight - so of Kazan will be a few stories. Today will talk about how we got to Kazan, where he lived and what they ate.

We flew to Kazan on a plane, 1 hour and 20 minutes, including takeoff and landing.
Chosen here such flights of "Aeroflot":
May 6 SU 803 23.15 - 0.35
May 9 SU 802 10.20 - 11.55

For the money went: 4400 rubles per round-trip air ticket.

Taxis from the airport to the center of Moscow is practically money - not less than 900 rubles. We agreed for 800, and back for 700 rubles. In this regard, I advise to write down phone numbers in advance of Kazan and taxi ordered by phone, because even for 900 rubles at night taxi drivers can not be there. It is said by phone you can call for 400 rubles.

They lived in the Grand Hotel Kazan, for a double room with panoramic views over the city paid 3900 rubles / night. Originally wanted to stay in Suleiman Palace, but as long ears flapped thought there were only room for the 7000 / overnight. Of course, you can stay in Kazan, a lot cheaper, but you have to attend to the matter in advance. On holidays cheap accommodation quickly running out.

Grand Hotel Kazan is located in the heart of Kazan, on the streets of St. Petersburg, through the underpass in passing local Arbat - the street Bauman. Around the hotel is the metro station "Ploshchad Tukaya" shopping center and the "Ring." To be honest, the best location just did not find it. The Kremlin on Bauman Street - 10 minute walk or 1 stop by subway. In addition, a one minute walk hotel "Tatarstan", where there are tour desk, which runs all the excursions. So in terms of location - I recommend this hotel - I recommend - and again I recommend.

1. The gray building with a spire in this photo is the Grand Hotel Kazan. This is the only hotel in Kazan, which has a helipad.

2. Briefly about the hotel. Our reserved room was spacious enough, but it had its drawbacks. Only for the extra money: bed linen every day, robe ($ 100), slippers (50 rubles). Potable Water - 50 rubles / bottle. The entire mini-bar charge. But for a 4 * hotel - in principle this is normal.

3. Free safe deposit box, gym, sauna, indoor pool. The price includes normal breakfast. Staff is very, very polite and courteous! Pleasantly surprised!

4. We had booked a room with a panoramic view over the city. The view was far from the Kremlin, but really enjoyed it.

5. In the bath: hair dryers, and nepenyaschiesya shower gel and shampoo. The main disadvantage of the hotel - it is periodically going rusty water from the tap. So what happens sometimes.

Visit to Kazan, and do not taste the national Tatar cuisine - just not allowed. I will outline the basic institutions that serve national dishes. Locations and prices are completely different - for every taste and budget.

6. The most expensive institution - is the House of Tatar cuisine on the street. Bauman. Get ready for that account will be more than 2 thousand rubles.


8. Here, a pleasant restaurant with a varied menu, friendly waiters, decent wine list and, as I said before, the relevant prices.


First and foremost: make sure to try the local pastries stuffed with potatoes, meat, poultry!

10. Ech-pochmak with a goose and beef (triangle) and elesh the bird.

11. Kystyby - pancake with mashed potatoes.

12. Shulpa Lamb

13. Noodle soup at home with chicken

14. Carpaccio of horse

15. Fillet of lamb with mushroom sauce

16. Do not forget the candy!


18. Chak-chak

19. Institution 2 times cheaper home Tatar cuisine - restaurant chain Tatar cuisine "" Bilyar. "

20. Inside here is an interior


22. Ech-pochmaki here 2 times and 2 times cheaper. 40 rubles apiece

23. Beef and kystyby

24. Shulpa Lamb

Thus, the cheapest institution is the "Tea House" opposite the House of Tatar cuisine. There you can eat for 300 rubles.

Travel time: 6 - May 9, 2011

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