[kl-bogel] From the life of the rural priests

Before your photo story about the life of an Orthodox priest, Father George, who lives in rural areas in the republic of Tatarstan.

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... - What happened then, after the revolution? Like everywhere, shouting that we are a nation-Antioch. And the people took - and Porush temples. And your church, too, ruined ...

- We have learned from grandparents, which was here a priest. He talked only with the Lord, the rest looked like from above. Grandmother remembered in our church all the gold was. That is external, beautiful to the charm and accumulated. A spirit of Orthodoxy begged.

- What is it, this spirit? - It is the spirit of love. Love to all, without a choice. In the end it turned out that the owner himself of the Church as it was on the sidelines ...


... We talk, and my father milks the goats. Managed smartly, as if life did. At about. George's two flock. The first - the people parish. The second - the subject of a peasant need, in other words - a beast. Cows in the family of a village priest, Fr. Georgy Kondratyev not, but there were three goats, seven sheep, sheep and chickens. Priest throws a beast, meets, clean barn, milk, meet the herd. Looking for lambs, if lost. On my mother Galina - home and children. So they divided the responsibilities.

Of course the "double shepherd" on. George describes himself as a joke. He generally likes to joke, to communicate and easy (at least in the world) is not inclined to complain about the problems of everyday life. My first question to him: "My father - and without a belly ... Is there such things happen?" "Age of Christ" (in no stays on. George) to an Orthodox priest's white - it's time to grow a solid mammon. Skinny about. George - as a monk-monk. He would have schema - and the hermitage. Priest replied instantly: "I undid his stomach. The path goes - a meal ... "


4. Temple yet not look too good - both inside and outside (although the brickwork restored, patched holes) - and shining gold "domes" can be seen for tens of kilometers around. It's like a sign, a symbol of rebirth. And that in fact in the village of mood, such that after twenty years here in general no one will remain. At about. George is an opinion: resurrecting the temple - as a branch of the graft to the feral tree. The same way and with the economy. It only takes one person with a fresh outlook, a kind of "cultural inoculation" that the people in better believe it.

5. In the downtown area Bulgarians father rides a bike. It is not in the pursuit of health - machines do not. Most of the money that was collected over several years, went to church "domes." One could buy three good cars or purchase three lakes dozen homes. However, to be fair, the lion's share of aid from the "benefactor." Since his requests to call my father. This is a businessman named Andrew. He lives in Togliatti, but from the three lakes was born mom Andrew. Now lies the roof of the temple, the iron is still the same "benefactor" bought. But work crews paid by the priest. There were times when there was no money to pay. Then Fr. George sat on his bike - and the villages, farmers' grain to beg. Bread was selling - and paid the craftsmen.














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