[kl-bogel] Felt: a miracle in the wool

Most of us are accustomed to, that hair - it's fur animals. Sometimes they are cut and made of wool yarn, and from them and then knit sweaters and other warm things. And at the word "felt" most likely to immediately remember the boots. But there are people in whose hands the delicate hairs consist of patterns and paintings, handbags and scarves, toys and sculptures. As with any other material pliable wool can make many different guises. Mistress felt Victoria Trump chose their main color models.

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2. When I went to a small shop "Felt", Victoria is already waiting for me in a special store room, equipped for the masterclasses. On a large table were pieces of wool, needle felting and procurement of future performance.



5. - Hello. I'm still waiting for you, is something done - said Vick, imposing wool strands to flower iris. - I have wanted him to finish, but just then the time came.

6. Of Education Victoria - muralist, has been Stroganovka. And here I am once again convinced, as a small world. It turns out that Vick attended, along with Lena Mizigirevoy, the pottery which I discussed in one of his previous reporting cycle of "Crafts".

7. "Here with this bag begins each masterclass. Here - the most interesting variety of colors, a variety of combinations! And many girls in the first moment of wondering - why do I dig in a litter.

- I felt, took up only in 2008. Whereas once the crisis broke out, began to come some strange customers with lots of money and crazy ideas. So I decided to completely withdraw from monumentalistiki and do hair. When started, the thick felt knew practically nothing. Is it that once saw Peruvian beads, and they told me absolutely not impressed: unpretentious, hair sticking out in all directions. But I was immediately struck by the material itself: soft, supple, very kind and warm.


9. Fabric for privalivaniya

- My first job - a branch of mountain ash. Somehow from the very beginning, I chose floral motifs, began to experiment, learn new techniques. Gradually I came to the technique of felting on the frame, and found that it is almost nobody does. Many of my work I do in the technique of Nuno-feltinga when the fabric privalivayut fiber wool. But I am further along the edge of each petal and enter another cage made of wire.


11. And this - the second work of Victoria. The volume is just beginning to emerge, the details appear from the plane

Vick opened a transparent box with blanks: pansy petals, semi-assembled flower corollas, petals and poppy capsule. I took one pink petal, and began to examine it: on the edge of a fiber wool felt small hard roll. Under the rays of light on a purple petal flickered fine silk threads. I noticed how thin your colors and as a natural two-tone hair flow from one to another. "It really helped his art education: I feel the color," - answered with a smile Vic.

12. - The first time I took orders: they liked my work and they were willing to wait until I finish doing the next flower. And wait they had a lot: one rose, I could take nearly seven hours, and on one leaf currant I usually spend nine o'clock - from start to finish with full decoration. Most of the staff member took office. They have to dresskodu have to wear formal dress - formal dress, high heels. But by the same rules are allowed to wear brooches. So they ordered the flowers themselves. Come to work with a huge felt the rose - all dead wood, and the rules are not violated.


14. - One of my most popular works - a cluster of red currants. But once I had to make were thirteen pieces in a row. Imagine: a whole year doing nothing but red currants. And then I faced a choice: either to refuse orders or refuse felt. So now I work only for inspiration.

15. Piece of red currant. And there are one branch should be three, and yes even myself a bunch.

16. Many colleagues advised Victoria to take the assistants, who would have done for her entire routine, but she refused: "I make a flower from the beginning to the end and answer for it entirely just me. And if someone will do the work, then it will not be my work, but I do not want to. "

17. "This owl I myself did. Many people want me to buy it, but I refuse: this brooch I made for myself

"Let me show you now how I go it flowers. Not from scratch, though - it's too long. How do leaf, I can show at least explain the common elements. " With these words, Vick took a puff of green wool, it slightly mixed up and gave him a diamond shape. One corner of the future leaf mistress tightly twisted. Vick set a special brush, the bristles of which put the next sheet of paper and picked up a special needle. Brush is needed for the needle, passing through the wool next page not stick to the table, and freely escapes from the back side. Someone uses for the same purpose sponge or dense a felt backing. But with the felting needles for much more complicated. Easier said than all the needles are similar. Small indent on the needles are made so that with each stroke of pulled wool fiber into a coil - it turns out that every move the needle seals fur. And then the needle can be very different: the thick and thin, square and star, with lots of nicks or single. And each needle is useful in different situations.


19. "I've got a leaf, I'm going to decorate it." To begin with Vick treated hairy edge of the sheet, precise movements to align the needle wool. "Some leave these hairs and say that so and should look hendmeyd. I think it's wrong, and I try to bring the work to the end, remove all the hairs not only from the front side, but from the inside. I was so accustomed since childhood. "

Victoria looked at a leaf, and a firm motion pulled the wool from skeins of narrow strands of dark-green and light green. Twisting the thin dark hair tourniquet, it is somewhat accurate blows needle mount it on a sheet and began to lay the veins.



22. - It is very important to understand how light plays on the sheet, where it has a hollow, and where the veins stick out from the sheet. I can feel it, but girls often do not understand. Have to explain to them like everyone to understand: Now we will apply the shadow, to sum up the arrows, all as a make-up. Since then, many valyalschitsy feel much more confident.


24. When the leaves remain dark lines, Vick took a light coat, and let light line near the dark.

25. - This session is very soothing. We have to disconnect from everything and think only of wool and the needle. Builds on at least a second to think about something else, and be sure to get into a finger. We have a patch kit is always there - at least someone at work must ukoletsya. Sometimes therapists come - the nerves heal.

26. Wick meticulously inspected the work and otschipnula another strand of light wool. "Now I'll show you is from what the majority of students falls into a trance." With these words, squeezed masters thin cushion sheet between his fingers and began to nail a thin twist of wool directly to the edge. Needle over and over again passed directly between the tightly clenched fingers, and after it on the edge of the sheet remains a bright green band. "Not everyone can overcome itself, to as close to the fingers to work with a needle."

27. - This kind of work with wool, like embroidery, but when you're done, the result is closer to painting.

28. If a leaf or petal of a well-matted, the protruding hairs can be easily cut with scissors

All the flowers and leaves in the works of Vicki are very similar to the real thing. To achieve this result, it has long studied various kinds of colors, look at them the common features characteristic details. "Now I work intuitively. Art education and then helped: I laid out the flower into components, imagine how they are secured between each other. Because of this work are obtained by natural and alive. Someone did not work and have to force students to draw. But after I learned they were on the way to the subway stop at every flower beds and carefully consider each flower. "

29. "Often we have to use here are the templates to make the petals of the desired shape"

- I am now master classes on felting flowers. Often it turns out that girls who come to me as a student, leave as friends. And you know, as we celebrate our birthdays? Get together and felt the birthday gift!

30. So we talked - about the fine arts and the secrets, the colors and a variety of techniques. Wick said that her work published in the journal, and editors have equated it to a jeweler for subtlety and thoroughness of workmanship. "It's interesting happens: a purely masculine rough work - wallow boots - turned into a woman's Jewelry."

31. "Stamens I also own doing. Semolina. Sometimes tint lacquer.

32. Over the past two and a half years, Vick honed his skills and participated in exhibitions and has taught many people the art of felting flowers. "I love working with wool. Flowers from the tissue is easier - take some tissue, such color and get it. And when you're working with wool, you can grow your own flower, color it as you like. Here I found myself, this lesson brings money and moral satisfaction, and more, and do not need. "

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