[kl-bogel] Environmental problems of China

No other country invests so much of finance in the production of clean energy. But no other country does not burn as much coal to sustain its economy.

(16 photos)

1. Buddha at the mine for coal in northern China .. Coal reserves may be exhausted within a few decades, which makes it even more urgent problem of production of clean energy for China.

2. Train Station Hongqiao in Shanghai, speeds up to 220 miles per hour. After a few years, the country plans to lay rails for fast trains at a distance of up to 8000 miles - more than now exists in the rest of the world.

3. Inner Mongolia, the outskirts of a rich coal-mining city of Ordos. Due to the increasing number of residents in cities and the growing energy needs, energy demand has increased almost threefold since 2000.

4. Residents Zhenbeipu grab coupons for free mobile phones.

5. This couple chose a private communication to communicate with your phone or computer. In general, young people in China is very kind to technical innovations, and they go like hot cakes.

6. Factories, coal-fired - the legacy of the era of Mao Zedong who called in the 1950's to strengthen the country's economy in the face of external threats.

7. Coal miners in Shizuishan. This shaft can be seen from afar thanks to a statue of Buddha.

8. Waste from Power Plants in Shizuishan. Coal dust highly toxic, according to data provided by Greenpeace organization in 2010.

9. Solar panels near Shizuishan. They were built in 2009. The station produces enough electricity to provide 10,000 homes. Two thirds of China's territory suitable for arranging such stations.

10. Machines bring trash to the station where the energy is extracted by processing waste. It was opened in 2008 in Beijing. Local residents on new technology not happy and complain about the odor and the presence of harmful compounds in the air.

11. Auto show in Guangzhou, 2010, the Province of Guangdong. Novelties coal technology.

12. Shopping Centre in Beijing in the American style. There are more than five hundred stores. Demand for technology giant, which increases energy consumption in China more than any other country in the world.

13. The province of Shaanxi, traffic congestion. Machines driven by coal at the station, have to stand for several hours. Sometimes, as says one of the drivers, a distance of sixty kilometers can be overcome only six days.

14. Station Xinglongzhuang, which is one of the first attempts in China to produce energy from waste generated after processing of coal.

15. Trailer carrying two giant turbines is sent to the station, located at a distance of three hundred miles in Inner Mongolia.

16. One of those invited to the wedding guests pass by the coal mines near the station, located at a distance of three hundred miles in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Ningxia Hui.

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