[kl-bogel] Cemeteries in America Yuzhoy

LJ user dimaberkut writes: Today I decided to do some research on the topic of cemeteries. Quite true that the cemetery is something frightening or unpleasant, not at all. On the contrary, these places are very tempting and hard to explain why. There's a special atmosphere that can not express in words .. Ultraboundary little world. Deteriorating crosses, old gravestones, which can still be found the inscription. But the cemetery, too, are very different. I tried to combine images from three cemeteries located in different parts of South America.

(42 photos)

1. Let's start with the city cemetery Tulkan, Ecuador.

2. Frankly, it's the most unusual of all the cemetery I saw in my life.

3. Tulkan (Tulcán) border with Colombia town.

4. These living sculptures green - a real miracle!

5. Tsementerii buried in a common practice for the Americas.

6. He started carving sculptures that tradition in 1936, Don Jose Maria Franco.

7. Everything is so harmonious, that sometimes you start to forget that this cemetery.

8. More like a park, lying on the clearings couples.

9. But it's still a cemetery and a park.

10. This balcony for children, then they are usually buried separately.

11. Sometimes the sculptures look very funny.

12. Can not do without the light of vandalism.

13. We wandered there for a long time, the atmosphere is very meditative and relaxed.

14. Agree, it just makes the crucifixion of Christ mind.

15. By the way, there are empty seats.

16. This cemetery in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, can be called elite.

17. Very strictly guarded, the fence is energized.

18. Many of the gravestones and monuments here are made known sculptors.

19. Here rest the Ecuadorian generals, presidents and ministers.

20. Unfortunately, the more significant place in the cemetery could not be removed.

21. Protection in turn went after us as tied.

22. A shooting here for some reason is prohibited.

23. Well, not so no, proceed to the next, in Argentina.

24. This cemetery Epekuena, ghost town, about which I once told.

25. It's very mystical atmosphere.

26. And yet a little scary.

27. History under your feet.

28. Here in the beach a hundred meters.

29. Water is a salt that drown in it just is not realistic.

30. The beach itself is quite frequented.

31. And the current cemetery.

32. Despite the apparent neglect, there are guards.

33. And I photographed it officially authorized pre-rewriting passport data.

34. Walk, I think there will be superfluous words.








42. As the Romans said: Memento mori.

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