[kl-bogel] Bintang hollywood yg pernah botak (31 photos)

Despite the fact that Hollywood hairdressers - the master of his craft, sometimes the stars have to be cut by machine. It is interesting to compare the well-known women and men in bald and hairy state.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Amber Rose

Laurence Fishburne

Eddie Murphy

Eric Bana

Britney Spears

Boyus Willis

Howie Mandel

Patrick Stewart

Kevin Spacey

John Malkovich

Brad Pitt

Demi Moore

Jack Nicholson

Grace Jones

Timothy Olyphant

Michael stripe (REM)

Hugh Jackman

Ving Rhames

Vin Diesel

Woody Harrelson

John Travolta

Joey Lawrence

Andre Agassi

Marlon Brando

Cate Blanchett

Colin Farrell

Billy Corgan (Samshing Pumpkins)

Lady Gaga

Samuel L. Jackson

Cameron Diaz

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