[kl-bogel] Asian hornet (3 photos)

Not all the hornets are equally useless .. And where would such a honey taste! .. If anyone knows .. Otpishites in komentah winkwink

In the Land of the Rising Sun believe that the Hornets have a unique stamina and vitality, which goes over to someone who will eat the insect. The flesh of this enormous wasp does contain enzymes that popular rumor attributes the miraculous properties.

Азиатский шершень (3 фото)

Азиатский шершень (3 фото)
To get the energy charging, not necessarily a hornet. You can, for example, put it in a bottle of honey: honey enriched not only by enzymes, but also a special flavor note, as if he added a drop of brandy. The very honey is collected on a remote island in southern Japan. Honey is very thin, but very tasty.

Азиатский шершень (3 фото)

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