[kl-bogel] Aiskrim goreng.(8 photos)

Chinese cuisine is an abundance of culinary paradoxes and unusual. One such exotic dishes is the fried ice cream, which ever try people who had been in China, as well as guests of the Chinese restaurants.

How could cook fried ice cream? How to perform this culinary trick? How to make friends ice and fire? Now we reveal the secrets of Chinese cuisine.

Most of the tricks is an elementary explanation. No exception, and Chinese fried ice cream, the recipe is very simple. As a requisite for culinary trick will be:

* Ice cream;
* Coconut;
* 3 eggs;
* Breadcrumbs.

To begin to configure the freezer at the lowest temperature. The problem of freezing ice cream as much as possible, almost to the stone status. Before we get ice cream from the freezer cook breaded: coconut, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs.

We get ice cream and cut portions.

Quickly paniruem our almost Chinese ice cream: the first layer - coconut, the second - we omit the egg, the third - crumb. Should get in the photo:

Put all portions of ice cream in chilled bowl and then send in the freezer for a deep freeze.

Approximately half an hour later perform the last step - fry in deep fat ice cream. Warms refined sunflower oil, and it is omitted portions of ice cream from the freezer. Do it very quickly, fry quite a bit - 20 seconds on each side.

During this time the ice cream in no time to melt. Desert above will receive a warm and cold inside.

Such an exotic dessert certainly leave no one indifferent

Fried ice cream can be decorated with mint leaves and serve with some fruit jam or preserves.

Fried ice cream can be decorated with mint leaves and serve with some fruit jam or preserves.

Hao wei kou! Bon Appetit!

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