[kl-bogel] 10 famous hackers around the world (10 photos)

Today, with modern computer technology allows us to excel in everything, watch TV, listen to music, go shopping, order meals, etc. Society to become lazy. One would think, why bother with unnecessary physical activity if all of you performs the machine. But in any case there are two sides of the coin. And the computers and the Internet was no exception. At a time when you are working or chatting with friends online, someone can steal information about you.

So, here represented by a dozen well-known throughout the world of hackers:

1. Kevin Mitnick

In another 12 years, Kevin Mitnick became interested in social engineering and information technology security area. Because of this, in the future, he learned to receive e-mail access for different users, social networks, and to the rest of the Internet, simply by asking the right questions. He used these methods for breaking the card system adopted in Los Angeles.

In 1979, among other things, it could also create a copy of mobile phone brands. He is known for hacking systems companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Fujitsu Siemens, as well as of Digital Equipment Corporation. For the arrest of Kevin Mitnick offered large sums of money. In 1995, a computer hacker, finally, was arrested. Today he is the owner of the company's information technology security.

2. Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen, nicknamed Black Dante became famous for his trick for hacking telephone lines station KIIS-FM, located in Los Angeles. Once there announced a contest, which consists in the fact that the 102nd has phoned the studio listener will be able to get the car brand Porsche. Upon hearing this, Kevin Poulsen was able to score a telephone network so that in the end the 102-m listener was exactly it.

After that, there were several other similar fraudulent activity organized by this intruder. In 1994, Poulsen was arrested and finally put behind bars for four months and forced to pay a fine of $ 56,000. Today the former hacker is a senior editor of the magazine «Wired News».

3. Adrian Lamo

Known as a gray hat hacker, Adrian Lamo is another computer hacker, who was elusive for law enforcement. Lamo was constantly changing location. Their computer fraud he spent in different houses, Internet cafes, libraries, universities. It has access to the programs of companies such as Microsoft, The New York Times, Lexis-Nexis and Yahoo! September 9, 2003, a famous computer hacker surrendered to U.S. authorities and confessed to carrying out illegal computer operations. He was sentenced to house arrest, and appointed a fine of 65,000 dollars today Adrian Lamo to go to college and prepare to become a journalist.

4. John Slate

John Slate has become known through the use of malware «spybots», to fraud and obtaining secret information: bank accounts, user names and passwords, etc. In 2009, John Slate, was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison.

5. Vladimir Levin

Vladimir Levin became famous in the 90s for trying to break into computer systems. His schemes were a serious threat to the sites of large companies, in particular, for "Citibank". In 1994, Levin was able to get access to the accounts of Citibank, owned by various corporate clients. For this he used an electronic money transfer service to dial up and was able to successfully transfer the money from these accounts in Israel, Germany, USA, Finland and the Netherlands. In 1995, Vladimir Levin was arrested. In 1997, he was taken to the United States, where Levine has admitted the theft of 3.7 million dollars. Famous computer hacker put in jail for 3 years and was appointed to pay a fine of 240 thousand dollars. After this incident, "Citibank" had to improve security.

6. Fred Cohen

In 1983, a student of programming Fred Cohen, University of California, created the first computer virus. This virus was able to fully master the computer system and manage all of its functions. Cohen also became the creator of harmless viruses that can penetrate into the files with the extension (exe) and compress them. They are called "viruses compression." Fred Cohen has never attracted to the criminal and administrative liability, since its design were used in the educational sphere. Today, well-known hacker is a managing company engaged in information security.

7. Mark Aben

New York native Mark Aben, was a prominent member of groups such as "Masters of Deception" and "Legion of Doom", specializing in computer hacking. Ultimately, most participants in these organizations were arrested and cases were transferred to the FBI. Aben was no exception. As early as 9 years of age he was able to get access to the connection of computers via dial up modem. After the arrest, the court appointed Mark Aben 35 months of community service. Today the former hacker is an independent consultant.

8. Neyshon Ewen-Chaim

Neyshon Ewen-Chaim - the first in the list of those arrested and convicted for illegal hacking software. This hacker (better known under the name "Phoenix Online"), was a member of the well-known in Australia of hackers called the "Sphere". Since the Internet was not widely known in the early 90s, to break Chaim Evan-used computer network X25, running on the basis of public telephone networks. Ultimately, Australian Federal Police found it and was able to intercept all incoming and outgoing signals from the modem every few minutes. In April 1990, Evan-Chaim Neyshon was arrested and charged with 48 fraud crimes. However, instead of 10 years in prison, he appointed a 12-month prison sentence and 500 hours of community service. Today a famous hacker is also working in the field of IT technologies.

9. Robert T. Morris Jr.

Became known for creating so-called "computer worm" in 1988. Not to be confused with computer virus, worm, as a kind of viruses that can penetrate into other people's networks and through intensive distribution, ports, and disables a lot of programs and files. According to Morris, Jr.., His worm was created to track the number of computers on the network. However, these "investigations" have resulted in losses to $ 530 000. Despite this, Morris, Jr.. briefly jailed, and attracted to public works. Today, Robert T. Morris, Jr.. work at MIT and is a lecturer in electrical engineering and computer science. Despite his past hacking and illegal activities, he was appointed chief scientist at the National Center of Computer Security.

10. Eric Corley

Eric Corley, better known under the pseudonym "Emanuel Goldstein", became the first well-known figure when he first started talking about breaking information technology in 1980-1990. In 1999 he first appeared before the court for the distribution of DeCSS software on cracking codes and how to install them. This program allows you to decrypt the content protection on DVD-ROM. Corley then forced to remove the program from the site and, although the main link was removed, almost 500 other sites have to provide their own access to classified programs. Today, Eric Corley lives in New York, has a variety of programs on radio and is the author of the magazine about hackers, "2600"


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