[kl-bogel] Worst cars ever (10 photos)

As far as Americans love their cars ... Apparently, some as much as the Russian and do not like her. However, when we determined the most ugly and terrible cars, our home "masterpieces" automobile was not among them. Our machines are always older, often substandard, but the explicit freaks among them. Besides, if they are not aesthetic, then apply to claims worth to their archetypes - for example, "eared" plows "is a German NSU Prinz IV.

Americans in the top ten worst cars ever seen already seven of his native American creations. On your favorite Halloween they are offering to scare small children following models of cars.

10. Mercury Marauder

This is one of the few modern cars, which was created to serve the dark forces. When a black Marauder to start running back spine. Perhaps that is why these machines choose their tseerushniki. Interestingly, the dark forces created it in the counterweight and on the same platform as the police Ford Crown Victory.

9. Plymouth Satellite

If the director films horror wants to convince viewers that the cars may be characteristic of the wicked, then the role of a zombie risen from the grave they need to take a rusty old Plymouth. It will be doubly right, because she and Plymouth brand vehicles have long buried in the cemetery of failed brands.

8. Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon

Even in the good old ninetieth car companies managed to produce a huge sinister chests on wheels such as wagons from General Motors - Buick Roadmaster and Chevrolet Caprice. They, creaking in the corners, as oak cabinets, under the hood could be 5,7-liter V8 from the racing Corvette.

7. Avanti II SportCoupe

Another car with the deceased in the cemetery Bose American car companies. At this coupe can not find a single straight line. His jutting front fenders reminiscent of vampire fangs. Count Dracula himself was supposed to ride on this car during those nights when he was too lazy to turn into a bat.

6. Lincoln Continental Mark III

Few cars in their appearance promise you an unforgettable adventure, close to death. If you are close to this luxury limousine is waiting for you an unforgettable experience. Jumped out of his gangsters quickly tucked you in a vast luggage compartment, except where you have to rest a couple straight from the tin-other corpses. And all of this short trip to the beach in a luxury car, you'll wonder they shoot you now or will enjoy the underwater beauty, standing in a concrete basin.

5. Alfa Romeo Montreal

Satan drives a Alfa Romeo Montreal. And do not let make a fool of himself: the greatest trick the devil is to convince the world that he is from Canada. The old man Dante tells you that the Antichrist, of course, an Italian guy. Sverhsurovy look headlamps Alfa Romeo Montreal makes it the perfect car in order to overcome the eight circles of Hell.

4. Plymouth Valiant V-200

Classic car for the daemon - it's Plymouth Valiant V-200. Not only that, he is huge, as the mouth of the devil, chrome grille, so still in the trunk hatch located in the dungeon. Under the guise of the access cover to the spare wheel in this car set the gates to hell.

3. Porsche 917

Usually Porsche - it's small and ugly sports cars, but the Porsche 917 is something special. Despite all the unique designs and outrageous speed, he looks like a giant scary monster came down from the hills to eat the villagers. Of all the creations of the German doctor Victor Frankenstein is perhaps the most unusual - a hybrid of poultry, pigs and humans.

2. Buick GNX

When debuted Buick GNX, American magazines came out with the headline: 'Darth Vader, your car is ready. " He is all black, until the wheels. He has the same ominous words "person" as that of the leader of the imperial forces. Sharp lines of the body GNX can cut enemies. But its acceleration from the place the devil himself would envy.

1. Rolls-Royce Phantom Jonckheere Coupe

The most frightening car in history, the name and type which blows awe, - Rolls-Royce Phantom Jonckheere Coupe. He may be one of the best cars in the world, but man, met him face to face, may be enough kick. The history of the car pretty grim, do not be surprised if he spent some time in Transylvania. From the outside it resembles fluttering cape of Count Dracula, and his elegant leather interior purple color as if covered with blood of numerous victims.

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