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Americans are almost perfect. But there is a BUT - too many guzzle. And you can understand them. Wherever you are located in the city, everywhere is tempting smell of food. At first sight, the smell may seem unprepared tourists ugly - usually smell some burnt oil from the fries, from whom all eyes water. But eventually, you get used to the smell and then have the dog of Pavlov going to smell.

And why? Because feed the people - it's America's powerful business and biznesmashina should do from the people potbellied.

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Americans eat terribly. I think they are from childhood drinking a Coke. Why? Because Coca-Cola is profitable. It seemed to me that they have little drink water, do not drink tea, and herachat sweet drinks. That explains a lot. And they herachat much coffee. Why? Because it is profitable Starbucks. And devouring donuts. Because this makes Dunkin Donuts.

Often happens, you come into prihayveyny fast food, and there sat one potbellied. And what do they eat? Eg. three large servings of French fries, and a huge sendich liter glass of cola. How can I have this shit?

Why amerikosy are correct in everything except the food? Do not they realize that the coffin of your health, consuming a ton of shit?

1. Wendy's Snack Bar on Fifth Avenue in New York. Dvaklassnyh green salad with chicken and a sandwich. Tea. When hard-eats a huge plate of salad for 6 bucks for a sandwich place does not remain. You take it with you. Salads at Wendy's were just crazy! Especially Apple Pecan Chiken.

2. And I really liked the easiest SINGLE HAMBURGER in Vendise. Very fresh, soft and delicious. A little awkward, but delicious! How I love you! With tomato, lettuce, onions and cheese. Standing in my 4.99. There's all sorts of other sandwiches - but the easiest and most effective) Others do not fit into his mouth.

3. When you first come to the American diner, do not understand why a hamburger costs 9 bucks. After hearing the word hamburger you remember such a fine xy% vinca rubber in Russian McDonald's. But when you bring it all falls into place.

4. Rib eye steak, a New York steak in a fancy restaurant in New York or any other major city is near $ 35.

5. But a huge plate of soup with seafood (lobsters, clams and other crap) for 35 bucks, half of which the waiter poured on my legs. Well, I go to the sports trousers (not pity). Mojito 10 bucks.

6. I thought, for the less healthy and affordable food in the U.S. can go to Asian restaurants.

7. It is true when you bring a bowl of soup. the size of a basin, and only 6 bucks, you will realize that they had made a mistake when the soup and ordered another dish.

8. On U.S. highways in the middle of forests and fields are small houses with VENDING MACHINES - vending machine.

9. Naturally these devices are sold in a single shit.

10. American McDonald's is not the same as Russian. Here for example there is an awesome salad. Much tastier than those of salads, which sell in the Russian Maca. Sheik, you see immediately - also very tasty. And they say that in American Maca in the morning give a ** light sensitivity gruel. I do not try - but we just do not have such

11. Here are a couple of McDonald's U.S. menu with prices.


13. Here primerchik lettuce Caesar the American way. It is clear that a portion of every two and a half more than the Russian. And the chicken here was the size of a cow looks like. Incidentally in the U.S. before a meal often bring a glass with ice, which is free. That's nice! We had not had time to think of

14. There is another interesting feature of some U.S. restaurants - happy hour. This time, the cascade can be ordered dishes at 1.5 bucks. Usually, kada we got on this, we ordered so much food, how many do not fit on the table. Here is an example of a similar activity in a Mexican bar in California.

15. Say that the food in the U.S. - shit, a bit wrong. In the U.S., many diverse food and delicious and healthy - too. Another thing is that Americans love the shit, because all the most delicious usually is the biggest by shit. Here is an example of delicious healthy food in Italian restaurants in Tarry Town, New Jersey. True specifically, the trout was an interesting plowing) But what a great piece! " Such mutated trout in Russia just can not find))

16. Sometimes the surprise is that the restaurants are the waiters, who understand in Russian, with absolutely not a Russian. In one restaurant, San Francisco was Russian menu. Here's an example of prices of one of the best restaurants Sagne Francisco.

17. Hlebushek in America looks fantastic appetizing, and exudes a crazy smell! But also stands as a taste of the alphabet.

18. Well, this is a nice Russian hudysh (by American standards) for the American breakfast.

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