[kl-bogel] Latrunsky monastery, Mini-Israel, and the Museum of Armored Forces

Somewhere, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, green hills, spread over the area called Latrun. Title, seemingly derived from the French La Toron de Shevale - Knight Fortress. Somewhere there really is a Crusader fortress ruins. But at the ruins, we still behold in Caesarea, and here we are, to begin with interested Trappist monastery molchalnikov. Then look at the Mini Israel and the Museum of Armored Forces.

(46 photos)

1. Among the olives and vines, aside from the noise of the road, the monastery molchalnikov. For us, this monastery is purely gastronomic interest - namely, alcohol monks make wine from vines brought in another Napoleon. But we are interested in something stronger: Ten Brandy. Although Elixir they do is also very nice spoon, no more Latrunskogo Brandi so enriches the taste of tea and coffee.

2. The monks get up very early - at two o'clock in the night (or morning?) So to come to him stands in the morning, then you can go not only to shop but also in the courtyard to visit the church and to hear theirs as Silent sing. Instead, they go to bed at seven in the evening. Do not eat meat, but the wine and jelly for lunch they put

3. From the monastery close to the Mini-Israel. We arrived a little later discoveries, but the box office was already a small queue. When we left, the box office was a crowd of people, parking lots were packed, at the turn into the parking lot was formed tube, many left the car near the Museum of Armored Forces (there filling with shops and cafes and a large parking lot) and walked (I think it's about 15 minutes stomping) .

4. Bahai Gardens. Mini Israel

5. Uncle on stilts, with a Polaroid in hand, to shame me with my big camera. In general, the park was a lot of actors who were trying to cheer up visitors. Interestingly, it is always wrong, or only in connection with Pesahom?

6. Cars and trains go. Trains stop at stations. Some exhibits even people moving. Almost next to each exhibit sounds corresponding to the background noise.

7. Acre

8. Mount Hermon

9. 'll Hamat Gader, beware

10. This, too, Hamat Gader. The ruins of Roman baths


12. Almost all the vegetation in the park live





17. Tomb of Baba, the founder of the Baha'i religion


19. Museum of Armored Forces


21. Gethsemane

22. Wailing Wall and Dome of the Rock






28. Mitsada

29. Underwater Observatory in Eilat

30. Safari

31. Azrieli Center - a sort of symbol of Tel Aviv. Three towers: square, triangular and round




35. Amphitheater in Caesarea

36. Tank museum was open free of charge in connection with Pesahom. Probably because of this there was not overcrowded. In the photo: Cut in half a tank.

37. Overheard a tour guide around this tank. The guide told me about what each crew member has its own specialization and, in principle, one can not be replaced. But the commander did, did so, may replace any member of the crew if they killed. Someone from the group asked: "And if they will kill the commander?" And the same answer: "Actually, there are all Jews, so that the commander be able to replace any."

38. A variety of techniques in the museum is impressive! Here is represented a fairly wide range of military vehicles, including engineering troops. Where did all this here? You ask. Basically - the trophy. Part of the equipment left over from the British when they left Palestine. The piece was purchased to protect Israel. However, a very large part of the exhibition consists of a trophy.



41. T-34 fired unsuccessfully

42. By the way, a tank museum - not just a museum. In its territory the army carries out all sorts of ceremonies and entertainment.






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