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Summit Bayrasharya was nine years old when she became the Kumari Devi - The Living Goddess ". The word "Kumari" literally means the Nepali "Virgin." "Living goddesses" are not reached puberty very young girls who are the embodiment of the Hindu goddess of power, Kali. They worshiped in Nepal as a Hindu, and Buddhists. Summit has been appointed the new Kumari of Patan in the past year after its predecessor, Chanira Bayrasharya, which was sixteen years old, reached puberty, which means that it is now considered unclean.

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1. Purna Shova Basharya mother Kumari Summit Bayrasharya, puts makeup on the girl's face to participate in a solemn procession in Kumari Ghar in the town of Patan, Nepal, April 7.

2. Goddess Kumari and her mother.

Becoming Kumari in October 2010, the Summit could no longer go to school, play outdoors, and her friends have no right to touch her - all these things can make it ritually unclean. St. Xavier's School gave her a computer on which it can play in the game to use the program for drawing. Along with the computer, the Responsible Committee St. Xavier offered young Kumari free education. Teachers come to the Kumari Ghar, mansion living goddess, to give the girl lessons for three hours a day. At the weekend, the Summit can invite friends to play in her house.

3. Kumari Summit Bayrasharya before participating in a solemn procession in Kumari Ghar in the town of Patan, Nepal.

4. Believers worship the Kumari during a religious festival in the town of Patan, April 19.

Kumari most of the time remains virtually confined to their own homes, but there are some days when she is allowed to appear before the public. Nevertheless, from the house it must make itself out, it can not, her feet should not touch the ground, since this is considered a bad omen. Believers ask for her blessing, giving her flowers, money, and touching her feet. Everything from business people who want to start a new project, the students who are preparing for important exams, and ending just people hoping to find the strength to beg and improve the health of the patient visit Kumari Kumari Ghar in order to get her blessing.

5. Donations to the faithful at the foot of the Kumari.

6. Goddess Kumari with a toy Mickey Mouse. Over the weekend, her friends have the right to visit her.

Summit Bayrasharya remain Kumari up until her first menstrual period does not start. It is believed that after the goddess leaves her body, and start searching for a new little girl who has become the embodiment of Goddess Kumari.

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