[kl-bogel] Camye exotic pets

Exotic pets at home - it is a huge responsibility, and as soon as you have decided to start hosting something unusual, you probably prosherstili million sites, figuring out all the details. Today we want to tell you about seven exotic animals, which often give birth at home.

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1. Marsupial flying squirrel.
These cute, tiny creatures bring joy into your life for years to come. Marsupial flying squirrel is very loyal, playful and can learn a set of tricks, and this makes them one of the best exotic pets for single people and families with older children. The bad news? In the cell, you do not ban, so that as soon decided to get an animal, get ready for what will often remove his "little gifts" around the house.

2. Ferrets
If you do not mind not very pleasant smell and the fact that your pet will live a maximum of eight years, get a ferret. This is an interesting animal will entertain you, he loves to play, though, and loves to chew things, and even steal, plus, it's easy to teach to the tray.

3. Bearded Dragons
These strange reptiles are very popular right now, so if you do like reptiles, you can consider this option. Bearded dragons are not only known for their bright colors and shaggy "beard", as the throat, but his playfulness and friendliness. Yes, this reptile is very active, and you'll meet

4. Gerbils
These cute, furry mammals are so popular, they are not even considered now as "exotic"! Believe you me, if I tell you that those cuties were originally used as a target for experiments in laboratories? Yes, it's terribly sad, I know! But even the laboratory staff are not able to resist them an indescribable charm! If you think about how to make gerbils, best plants once a couple, they can not stand alone! Do not worry, special care they require, they eat nuts and grain mixtures, which can be purchased at any pet store.

5. Chinchillas
Soft like plush toys, chinchilla, is certainly one of the best types of exotic pets! These rodents love to be in the spotlight and may become sad, if you do not give them love and attention they deserve. So if you have a busy lifestyle, it is better please create two chinchillas at once, so they do not get bored. Chinchillas love to play and quickly become attached to the owner. If you how to care for your furry friend, he will live to 20 years!

6. Hermit crab
These crustaceans are very inter6esny and unpretentious in care, but require monitoring because it is like to travel and explore all that meet on the road. Cancers hermits are nocturnal, which means that your pet will rest during the day. Interesting fact: this is no ordinary crabs, so keep that in mind. They like to settle in the empty shell, and pull them along like a snail. So you will have many options at home for your pet!

7. Fennec fox.
If you do not think that the fox house - it was too much, I'll tell you about these funny things. One of the first and the cutest things you'll notice - it was his unusually long, funny ears, similar to Yoda's ears. In addition, these foxes are easily trained and tamed. Well, who exactly would you pick? As for me, I like the marsupial flying squirrel - in the photo, because live I did not see them even once and not even know whether they can be purchased in Europe. But if you can - I'll definitely buy it!

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