[kl-bogel] Paring the slopes of the sting in the Gulf of Ray Bay

Academy Learn2rip Surf Academy, as well as scientists from the coastal stations of Long Beach and Seal Beach are involved in seasonal work on capturing, studying and releasing more than 200 stingrays while cleaning the area near the pier in Los Alamitos Seal Beach.
Control population stingrays aims to secure and clear the area Seal Beach at the mouth of the San Gabriel River, said Carrie Ortiz, founder of the school of surfing, which is involved in such procedures is not the first time.
Area at the wharf Los Alamitos known as Ray Bay or Bay of skates, because a lot of surfers out there every year become victims of these fish.

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1. Seal Beach. - Slightly slopes avoided trehsotfutovyh fishing nets, when scientists from the Academy Learn2rip Surf Academy, as well as scientists from the coastal stations of Long Beach and Seal Beach are involved in seasonal work to catch, study and release more than 200 stingrays during purification area near the pier Los Alamitos Seal Beach.

2. Seal Beach - Skate lifts up the tail with a sharp thorn, hitting a fishing net. Many years ago, this bay was nicknamed Ray Bay because of the thousands and thousands of stingrays, which attracts the shallow water, and water, heated a nearby power plant.

3. Seal Beach. - One of the organizers of Carrie Ortiz holds three sharp sting rays. Toxin, covering the sting, causing the victim's aching, burning pain and pulsation in the area of ​​the bite, located usually in the lower leg of the victim. Injury not considered serious, unless they are festering splinter or if the sting is left in the wound.

4. Seal Beach. - Volunteer cuts have caught the sting ray. Rescuers are warning holidaymakers, surfers and water treatments to be careful in the "hot zone", where the average slopes are suffering from the bites of about 400 people annually.

5. Seal Bich. volunteers pruned sting caught slopes. In summer, when warm water in the shallow waters, stingrays are very aggressive. The only means to neutralize the pain of the bite - deliver adversely affected limb in almost boiling water.

6. Seal Beach. Volunteer keeps the sea hare, sluchanoy got into the network and have been released.

7. Seal Beach .- Volunteers hold a large korbylya soon released from nets, where he accidentally fell on freedom.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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