[kl-bogel] Penjara paling berperikemanusian terletak di Norway.

Norway has opened "the most humane prison in the world." Construction lasted 10 years and a cost of 252 million dollars (1 million was spent on paintings and photographs adorn the walls). It's all consistent with the principles of Norwegian penal system - fix and integrate into society with the help of humanity, the same prison should be as similar to the outside world.

Halden Fengsel prison, which opened on April 8 in Norway - a set in the woods, where there is a recording studio, a track for jogging and a cottage for family visits, writes American magazine Time. "Unlike many American prisons, in the air does not hang the smell of sweat and urine. On the contrary, from the kitchen, where inmates are taught cooking, the smell of orange sherbet" - notes the journalist William Lee Adams.

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1. The complex has a recording studio, cottage for family visits, well-equipped gym. This prison is not for those who are improperly parked, among others - drug dealers, murderers and rapists.

2. Statistics suggest that only 20% of prisoners in Norway again jailed for two years after release, whereas in the UK and the USA - 50-60%.










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