[kl-bogel] The drought in the Yangtze River basin (21 photos)

The largest river in Asia, is experiencing its worst drought in fifty years - drought, which means damage to crops, threatening wildlife. Doubts arise as to whether environmental specialists work effectively dealing with water in China.

1. Sichuan Province, Chongqing Municipality: In this photograph, which was made on April 29, visible part of the bed of the Yangtze River as water levels drop due to drought. Much of central China is experiencing at the moment the worst energy crisis in years, factories and residents face power cuts as demand greatly exceeds supply. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the drought is drying up the rivers, causing reduction of hydropower potential.

2. Sichuan Province, the reservoir of the Three Gorges: This photo shows how the waterline of the Yangtze River has declined by about ten meters due to the severe drought that has made nearly 1,400 reservoirs in Hubei Province, temporarily unfit for use, has caused crop failure in the farmland and transformed the drinking water in deficit.

3. Hubei Province, Yichang City, the Three Gorges Dam: Cargo ships sail to the Three Gorges Dam. " 9 May the water level in the reservoir of the Three Gorges fell to 154.77 meters. Authorities have begun to take action.

4. Hubei Province, the city Hongu: a fisherman trying to drive a boat on a small creek, which turned into a chain of lakes Hong, located in Hubei province. Yangtze River, the longest river in China, is suffering from a severe drought that occurred in connection with the lowest rainfall since 1961.

5. Hubei province, city Hongu: Fisherman on a motorized tricycle carries a dead fish, killed due to drought, from fisheries on Lake Hong.

6. Hunan Province, Huarong County: Huang Xiaohu transports water from the adjacent channel to carry out watering their fields. Since early May Huarong County, Hunan Province and Hubei Province Shishou city pumped water from the Yangtze River into the river in an attempt to weaken the Huarong water deficit.

7. Hunan Province, Yueyang city: a farmer looks at his farmland - the land dried up and crops die due to severe drought in Junshan. The drought has led to the interruption of drinking water for more than 320,000 people and the fact that up to 3.000 square kilometers of farmland dried up, according to statistics from the local authorities.

8. Hunan Province, Yueyang city: Ships ran aground on Lake Dongting because of low water levels caused by drought.

9. Hubei Province, Wuhan City: Local residents walk in the simultaneous display channel of the Yangtze River during a drought in Hankou. The drought has lowered water levels in the middle of the Yangtze River to record levels, said the local authorities.

10. Hubei Province, Wuhan City: Farmers are looking at a dried-up lake in the northern district of Huangpu, May 9.

11. Hubei Province, Wuhan: Chinese worker uses a special device in an attempt to bring rain to the Huangpu May 10.

12. Hubei Province, Shiyan City: simultaneous display channel can be seen in the reservoir Dandzyangkou on the River Han. Dandzyangkou reservoir that provides water to the population of China on the draft South-to-North Water Diversion Project, should convey water from the southern region of China to the north. However, at present, the reservoir has an abnormally low level of water due to drought. 5 May the water level here was 135.11 meters, four meters less than 139 m long "dead" water level.

13. Hubei Province, Shiyan City: Vessels anchored along the banks of the Han River. The drought has caused a serious drop in water levels at the site Yunksian the Han River.

14. Hubei Province, the city Macheng: Residents poured over the fields with water from a tank on May 4. Since November 2010, one third of the county of Hubei province was faced with serious water shortages. Some local farmers abandoned planting of rice in favor of crops that are suitable dry land, such as cotton.

15. Jiangxi Province, Poyang Lake: boat on a dried lake bed.

16. City, Jiangsu Province Dzhiudzhiang: water level reached its lowest level in 10 feet (about 3.048 meters) on the main 3,900-mile (6,276.44 kilometers) of the Yangtze River, which stretches from the glaciers of the Tibetan Plateau to the coastal city of Shanghai. Management of river is currently closed 140-mile (225.31 km) section of the river above the town of Wuhan for ocean-going vessels from the shallow water. Management also noted that the river was at 160 feet (48.77 meters) narrower than was last year.

17. Anhui Province, the city Huancheng: Worker digging a channel in the river on May 5.

18. Jiangsu, Nanjing: dock on the Yangtze River. Because of the drought, the maximum and minimum water levels of the Yangtze River in Nanjing one meter lower than usual.




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