[kl-bogel] Animals in pictures: 16-22 May 2011

We offer you a weekly compilation of photos of animals. Today in the compilation you will see as sub-arctic penguins go into the water in the tank in London, the ostrich to catch prey at the zoo in Hannover, alligator length of ten feet has decided to profit by the sheriff car in Gainesville, as well as many other interesting animals.

Animals in pictures: 9-15 May 2011

(24 photos)

1. Joy amid the ruins. Maggie Kelly and her husband, Trey Adams, hug your dog, Seinta, finding him in the ruins of her home in Joplin, Missouri. Two of the victims of Hurricane Katrina, after the evacuation had settled in Joplin, which was wiped out by a tornado on Sunday.

2. Peekaboo. Hare hides among the poppies blooming in the region Oderbruh in Mallnow, Germany. History Orderbruha began about 250 years ago. In 1765, Frederick the Great organized the draining of the flooded area near the Oder River, then to use the fertile land.

3. A small snack. Smoke, one of the oldest seals living in captivity in the United States, eats skormlennuyu her fish in the aquarium New England Aquarium in Boston.

4. Rest on a flower. Ladybird resting on the petal blue flower in Walla Walla, Washington.

5. Out of love for the lions. Trawden rigger embraces the tooth, the white lions in the reserve Mystic Munks End Fezers Rust de Winter near Pretoria, South Africa. Sharma Joubert, one of the volunteers working in the reserve, is campaigning for a ban on hunting endangered extinction White Lion.

6. Ducks, just duck. Two ducks bathing in the Rhine near Speyer, West Germany. Meteorologists are predicting that in the next few days in these parts will last a dry and warm weather.

the edges will hold a dry and warm weather.
7. Oh, how delicious! The horses they eat flowers from a tree posblizosti city Babolna in sixty-two miles west of Budapest.

8. What teeth! Yawning Zebra Zoo Hagenbeks in Hamburg, Germany.

9. And what I found! Crust of bread on the neck of a dove in Leipzig, Germany.

10. My friends help me. Simone Arrigoni trying to set the record for diving, it pushes two dolphins, whose name is Paco and Marco. Torvalanika, Italy.

11. But you! Eight-month baby sloth Camillo "tease" at the zoo in Halle, eastern Germany.

12. New home. Black rattlesnake, which was rescued along with other animals from the fate of falling prey to smugglers, in a plastic cylinder in the Federal Centre for Wildlife on the outskirts of Mexico City.

13. And the bird! .. A bird rests on a pillar in the early morning in Chester, New Jersey.

14. And I, too, so I can not! A Girl and a gorilla in a zoo in Budapest, the Hungarian capital.

15. Anyone save it? Gulls over the ordinary grind, one of nearly seventy, living in Loch Carron, Scotland.

16. Oh, how lovely! Coati with two relatives in a cage in the Federal Centre for Wildlife on the outskirts of Mexico City.

17. Recharge. A bee on a flower in the Park River Forks Roseburg, Ohio.

18. And twice as good! Spider monkeys in the Federal Centre for Wildlife on the outskirts of Mexico City.

19. The attacker. Alligator length of ten feet has decided to profit by sheriff's car in Gainesville, Florida, sheriff until he was forced to wait for workers to quickly respond to those caught reptile. The representative of the sheriff's Todd Kelly said that the bumper cars greatly affected.

20. While no one sees ... Sparrow decided to profit from the remains lying on a plate of cake on the terrace of a cafe open in Max Liebermann Villa in Berlin, Germany.

21. Ready, Set, Go! Sub-arctic penguins go into the water in the aquarium Sea Life London Aquarium in central London.

22. And we're friends! Smoke, an Iraqi ass, talking to Annie, Dvadtsatisemiletny Arabian horses on a ranch Miracle Hills Ranch and Stable, in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

23. Now I'll eat you! Ostrich caught prey at the zoo Hanover, central Germany.

24. Robert Flannagan checks the depth of the swollen River Yazoo River, together with the horse Boo in Yazoo County, Mississippi.

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