[kl-bogel] Goodyear blimps

Goodyear blimps are used regularly in Southern California, before the Second World War when the U.S. Navy used them to keep under control what is happening on the West Coast. Goodyear is now opening a new page, as it will work with the German manufacturer of ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik over the construction of three new airships since 2013. We offer you a selection of photographs of airships of the past and present.

(16 photos)

1. Carson will take considerable effort to help land airship "Spirit of America» («Spirit of America»). The crew helps Goodyear to land the airship May 5, 2011, the field in Carson, one of the landing base for airships - two others - Akron, Ohio, and Pompano Beach, Florida Goodyear plans to build a fast new model of the airship.

2. The airship "Spirit of America» («Spirit of America») is preparing for takeoff, the pilot wears a helmet Kristen Davis May 4, 2011 in Carson. Davis takes a receiver that will provide broadcast from Los Angeles, where the match of the team the Lakers.

3. Carlos Marquez, a mechanic and technician, climbs onto tridtsatifutovuyu mast to start the airship May 4, 2011.

4. Lou Navarro, assistant electrical engineer, checks the external camera before flying over the Staples Center May 4, 2011. Airship speed of 54 miles per hour. The new airships will be at 55 feet long and will reach speeds of up to 73 miles per hour.

5. Run the airship crew members.

6. Reserve Terraneo Palos Verdes Peninsula, photographed from the board May 5, 2011.

7. Palos Verdes Peninsula, photographed from the board. Kelly O * Keefe, professor at the University of Virginia, believes that the dirigibles are very convenient to use with advertising purposes.

8. Lighthouse Point Vincente, photographed from the board.

9. Palos Verdes Peninsula, photographed from the board.

10. National beggars Club Trump, photographed from the board.

11. Shadow of the airship over the South Bay.

12. According to the site GoodyearBlimp.com, in 1969, were built two airships, "Colombia", and "America."

13. According to the site GoodyearBlimp.com, «Enterprise was the main brand of airships in the 40-50th years. On photo - Entreprayz.

14. Airship "Resolute" and his team. After Pearl Harbor, four airship came under the jurisdiction of the Navy.

15. Airship "Volunteer", built in 1929 and based in Los Angeles.

16. In June 1919, the company has built several airships, including the three airship "Pony". In airships used hydrogen gas. The company tried to determine the prospects for the commercial use of airships.

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