[kl-bogel] Hong Kong Science Museum (52 ​​photos)

"Hong Kong Science Museum - the most popular museum in Hong Kong. And he is popular precisely because of the huge number of interactive exhibits, "- says polina_delia

1. This power machine. Installed it on the first floor of the museum and is a sly interweaving of forming loops and spiral reinforcement tubes and bronze drums in height of 22 meters. When the machine is powered by an endless stream of balls rolling, rolling, rolling down the tubes of its two towers. The spectacle of mesmerizing.

2. Also on the first floor. "Feel like a squirrel in a cage"

3. Mirror illusions

4. Daniel also repeats the trick

5. Museum where the exhibits you can touch your hands, it's a very good museum. Here you can drive on trips of schoolchildren. In practice, to explain sections of a physics textbook. Such as the refraction of light.

6. Before the entrance to the exhibition "World of Mirrors". True, it's not quite what our view might be called "a room with laughter." Although the mirror, yes, the same curves. More precisely curved.

7. For example, such curved mirrors in colorful frames, hung on the colorful walls. Like any man photographing his reflection in the mirror, now I too am the owner of shots of reflections of itself. And not just a frame format of "head-on, flash in the mirror, and unique frames. In specular reflection can suddenly see yourself on the back, a double, himself upside down and on his side.

8. Or see themselves in part

9. Knight hinged

10. The exhibition "Wonderful invention of Leonardo da Vinci" took place from October to February. All exhibits fit in four halls, conventionally divided into five zones: «War», «Hydraulics», «Flight», «Studio of Leonardo» and «Mechanics».

11. All objects are made on the sketches of the artist. Absolutely everything can be touched, spinning and see how it works.

12. General view of the hall that housed the exhibits under the name "War".

13. I think this is a very cruel thing

14. How to storm the fortress

15. Or how to storm the walls

16. Progenitor diving

17. ... Modern ski

18. ... A rescue

19. Arched bridge. Kept at an absolute relationship elements. Without ropes or other devices. However, the design can withstand the weight of several people. Schoolgirls trying to repeat it. Before they get to make your arch bridge, wooden beams several times with a crash will fall to the floor.

20. Part of the hall, representing all that is related to flights



23. And, of course, the landing

24. Court

25. ... And their internal structure

26. Bridge

27. And again the court

28. Propeller. Was recognized as the prototype of the helicopter



31. As part of the «Studio of Leonardo» presents reproductions of paintings by the artist. "Epiphany", "Saint John the Baptist", "Last Supper" ... and, of course, the most famous in the world of painting "Mona Lisa". Visitors looking for differences between the two Monami

32. The next part of the exhibition brings together the exhibits under the name "Mechanics"


34. General view of hall

35. Something like a modern jack

36. Flywheel. Demonstration model in its rotation by the present author creates a continuous momentum to overcome inertia and conservation of energy.

37. Polyhedron

38. Pulleys to

39. ... In the process

40. ... And after

41. Why reinvent the wheel when it already has been invented by Leonardo? Sketch artist has found a bicycle and figured out the hard way. He was safely tucked between two pages of the Codex Atlanticus.








49. Leonardo exhibition hall to an end "mechanics." The Museum might seem like more and more, but we're in a hurry, so time to go for a run just past the screen, on which were projected images of fluttering butterflies. You come closer to the screen until it appears in your shadow and butterflies begin fluttering busily around you. That is your shadow.

50. Sit on my head

51. Sit down at his fingers ...

52. On the contrary butterflies was installed airplane. Airplane starts flying measured in a circle until you let him in the sunshine. Mirror series. You can try it. The Museum has four storeys. Get out of there in less than a few hours is simply impossible ...


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