[kl-bogel] Irish castle. Interiors (39 photos)

The Irish castle, where we spent last weekend, first floor non-residential and the rest settled 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, where they can live comfortably 16 people. Another 14 people can stay in cottages at 50 meters from the castle.

It is a residential, family-run Castle (a private residence rather than a hotel), and here the museum environment adjacent to the living rooms sons of owners, who decorate their room half-naked photos of ex-girlfriends.

Depending on the time, the castle serves 10 to 15 people. Some live in rooms inside the castle, but most of them come into the lock to work.

Under cut what is hidden behind the thick walls of the castle:

Have you ever wondered how to look doorbell in a castle? It was an old, deeply fail button with a nice melodic ring tone:

In the lobby guests with a fireplace with black Moors on the sides. During weddings and celebrations here dance team members Riverdance:

In this room taste the whiskey or communicate with each other by the fireplace:

The castle is very much hidden doors. Take a closer look carefully and you will see the door in the wall:

All the free surface in a castle made to photographs, statuettes, vases, plates, boxes and other gizmos. Feelings of emptiness here just does not arise:

The main reception room. During weddings here endure all the furniture and place tables:

Otherwise, guests can celebrate in the heat of the accident to spoil a truly unique things. For example, those white sofas 17 th century. I did not dare sit on them.

The sensation was unusual. These things and furniture I had could only see in museums for the protective tape and a stern look janitor, but here they stand quietly in a "flat", they can sit, lie down, read a book ...

Dining room for receptions. At this table sat a lot of famous people:

According to the rules of etiquette for a dinner my husband can not sit next to his wife, so we sat on opposite sides of the table. This is done to ensure that spouses are not addicted to gossip with each other and chatted with other guests:

Charming hostess of the castle itself is cooked and served us dinner:

I chose a gentle lamb with mint sauce, new potatoes from the local garden and stewed tomatoes:

For dessert we were served bananas, baked with brandy and cream:

The second floor has a huge spiral staircase:

Hall, second floor:

In the castle a lot of books. Oksana Flanagan, CEO of Your Royal Wedding, organizing a wedding here, recently began to create a library for Russian-speaking guests. In one of the cabinets have found two books Larissa Teplyakova:

I used to dream of such a telescope on your desktop:

Room youngest son owners of the castle. On the walls of photographs of his previous girls. Some very candid:

Near the bed is warmer. Heat huge castle is very expensive, so not all the rooms are always warm. It seems to me that this warmer - a very nice touch to the portrait of the castle and its owners:

The castle all at home. If you prefer the stiffness of the Ritz, then this lock is definitely not for you. Here, everything looks like a normal house British aristocrats, their way of life and interests: horseback riding, hunting, art, bicycling:

Room eldest son:

Our room, where we stayed until the political leaders and Hollywood celebrities:

When we entered the room, I thought: "Where is the bathroom?" She was even for a secret door:

The view from the windows bath the largest private lake in Europe:

I really liked the window with a blue jug in:

In this picture is clearly visible thickness of the walls. Wi-Fi signal through them, almost no breaks, and the owners had to install repeaters almost every room:

This round room occupies the entire second floor of one of the towers:

Egyptian bathroom:

This room is called the Throne room for the toilet, like a throne (next photo):

And this is the original toilet that I've ever seen. Stairs lead up to the attic, which had long been overgrown with cobwebs and is not used. Directly into her toilet made for rooms at the top of a narrow tower:

Ladder to the roof:

Scenic view from the roof of the castle looks different depending on the weather:

This concludes my story about a trip to Ireland is complete. Next week I'm going to Peter on the trophy-raid around Lake Ladoga. The whole week I live in a tent and feed the mosquitoes. Conditions will be radically different from those in which I lived in a castle.


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