[kl-bogel] Knife in the head (5 photos)

Chinese, Fuyang Li went to doctors complaining of severe headaches for bad breath and difficulty breathing.
It turned out that the cause of this indisposition was the long blade that was found in a patient in the skull of the last 4 years.

30-year-old Lee says he was attacked four years ago during a robbery.
Perhaps it was then ten centimeters blade got inside the skull.

It's amazing how the knife entered under the jaw, then went sideways, not hurt the carotid artery.
All these years the patient had no idea what is in your mind blade.
All this time he was constantly taking painkillers because of his torment terrible headaches.

People's Hospital was carried out a successful operation in the city of Yuxi, Yunnan Province in southern China.
This case is widely disclosed in the media and the Internet, X-ray images published on the site hospital.

Blade, extracted from the skull, it was strongly Corroded.
Doctors believe this case is "a real miracle."
Surprising fact that the long blade went through the entire skull, not hurt major vessels, and it was incredible the human body for a long time

What's more interesting, at the first examination in the oral cavity of the patient the doctors did not find it neither wounds nor scars, no trace of the blade.

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