[kl-bogel] Amazing Golf mobiles

Settlement called The Villages in Florida is 90 miles from the road to the golf mobiles. Past as freely and ride around the streets of the town. They say that the first driver golf mobiles become old, who failed to pass the test to drive. Now the popularity of golf mobiles in the U.S. skyrocketed. Let's look at the most unusual cars.

(24 photos)

1. Don Hanfeldt, president of the homeowners association, says that only 50000 The Villages Golf mobiles.



4. Golf mobility California Roadster.

5. All in all The Villages of about 50000 golf mobiles and only 16,000 golfers - so that two-thirds of golf mobiles never went on the road. And initially golf mobiles have been designed just to carry golfers in the field.

6. The Villages is sometimes called the "world capital of golf."

7. Robin tells McCain: "My Mustang drove me home in Superior, Wisconsin, when I thought:" Maybe it is to have a golf-mobile? ".

8. Now she has a car with luggage, high-end brakes, wheels in a ten inches and the motor at 8 volts.

9. Golf-mobile in the street of the town.

10. In golf-mobile even has air conditioning!

11. The owner of this golf-mobil Bob told the site CBS News, which he calls the passers avtomobilchik smiles and commendable. "And how the girls react to it?" - Asked the reporter. "I prefer to think that they laugh and smile just because they like my golf-mobile", he said.

12. Dream car for Steve Kveytsa - California Roadster from the company ACG - engine in the 11 horse-power, up to 25 miles per hour and the loud speakers.

13. Little Red Corvette.

14. In Jeanette and Frank Hamby each own car. "First, mu bought golf mobile husband, because we were invited to the wedding, which took place on a golf-Mobil, one of the conditions for the guests had come specifically for golf-mobile," explained Jeanette. "And then a year later I started to complain that too badly want the same. If you have no golf-Mobil, watching you as a crank and a stranger! "

15. Tony Kolandzhelo, known as the Golf Cart Man, manufactures golf mobilization. Prices range from $ 6000 up to 20000 dollars.

16. Ideal option for the track.

17. Golf-mobile "American Graffiti".

18. Lights and lighting heads are required for golf-mobile.

19. Beal Guyst driving his '57 Chevy.

20. If you are in this golf-mobile to stop police and ask where are you going, you can honestly answer that can answer that are going to put out the fire!

21. And in this golf-mobile Cadillac Escalade even has GPS - very comfortable on the golf course.

22. Golf mobility of a member of golf club.

23. This is not golf-mobile, but a real Rolls Royce! Debra Moffatt headed club golf mobiles, in which 645 members. "We carry the show and races and all kinds of events," she said. "We even have the race held twice a year! There are people who are very fond of these lovely cars.

24. Golf mobilized in the town of The Villages in Florida.

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