[kl-bogel] Kazakhstan. Astana from a height

Astana - the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan (since December 10, 1997). The city's population of about 700 thousand people. The city is second in the country by population after the Alma-Ata. Located in northern Kazakhstan on the river Ishim in place of its closest approach to the river Nuroy. Astana - the coldest capital of the world, after Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. And probably the most windy.

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2. Water-Green Blvd (pedestrian esplanade)

3. LCD Grand Alatau "

4. Prospect Kabanbai Batir

5. TRC "Khan Shatir. Architect: Norman Foster.

6. Mosque Nur Astana. The mosque was designed by Lebanese architect Charles Hazifa. Height of main dome - 43 meters.

7. The Emerald Towers ("The Emerald quarter"). The complex of buildings with 37, 43 and 54 floors. The tallest tower of the three will consist of 210 meters - this will be the tallest building in the country.

8. The area of ​​the upper floors anymore, and decreases with each floor to 32 floors, the building becomes an asymmetric top and is rejected by 15 meters.


10. Premium Hotel Diplomat

11. River Ishim (belongs to the basin of Ob River)

12. Palace of Peace and Accord, the monument "Kazakh Eli" and the Palace of Independence

13. The main road bridge of the city, connecting the left and right banks of the River Ishim.



16. LCD Triumph of Astana '

17. Height of 142 meters. Built in 2006 in the style of Stalin's skyscrapers.

18. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

19. Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan


21. Business Center Astanalyk "

22. And 38-storey residential building, one of the residential complex "Grand Alatau"

23. View from the "Triumph of Astana '

24. Sarayshyk street. Bridge M-1

25. Border town

26. Stadium Astana Arena

27. The old center of Astana.

28. On the left "Astana Tower"

29. LCD "Northern Lights"

30. Height: 32, 37 and 42 (180m) floor


32. Temir Joly "(Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan Railways). On the roof stylobate is one of the fire and evacuation elevators complex (reds box). This is the first in the world of exterior fire-recovery system in which elevators are moved by rail facade.

33. Transport interchange. Sarayshyk / Orynbor

34. Concert Hall "Kazakhstan". Concert Hall at 3000 seats, designed by Italian architect Nicoletti.

35. Monument to Russian sculptor Dashi Namdakov "Jer-ana" (Earth Mother), who represents Queen Tomiris Saka, standing on a giant bull.

36. LCD "Azure quarter"


38. Crosswalk with the light-emitting diode that flashes when the "zebra" pedestrian enters.

39. LCD Seven barrels "

40. Prospect Turan





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