[kl-bogel] Photos of the Kiev Metro

Learn-to-user [Info] elektraua wrote in his blog: "Why not show the world the Kiev subway, I thought somehow. Thought-made, as they say. Kievans it's probably not very interesting, but not everybody had a visit from us, not everyone in our metro grandmother pressed down and not even every guest Kiev managed to carry on his head a foreign sack in rush hour :)
During the week we [Info] tov_tob diggerskie made ​​forced marches to the most interesting, in our opinion, the Kiev Metro stations and now I am sharing with you obtained photographs. During the shooting injured three characters - two Gopnik and one policeman, who for ethical reasons, will remain behind the scenes.

(30 photos)

1. Red Farm. Brand new station. One of the most convenient in terms of filming - there are almost no people, the trains are long, drivers looking askance

2. Ticket hall of the Red Farms


4. Train with painted Muddle cars. The same Red Farm

5. Borispolskaya station


7. Definitely has something in common between the airport Boryspil and architectural style Boryspil station

8. Slavutich. Virtually deserted old station. Deserted, probably because around the private sector



11. Raw


13. Abstract Syrets :)


15. At Syrtsev got a good duty, was shot at uboltat control room. She understands all these complicated things. For all of the key points on the station under constant surveillance

16. Pechersk. Upstairs - elite "Tsarskoe Selo"

17. Vidubichi. One of the most beautiful stations, as for me


19. Taras Shevchenko. Too much. It ran up to me Gopnik with beer and began to reclaim:

- Sysh brother, and Cho, but how is there?
- Hats, nothing special
- A Cho and why is it? (Then he waved his friend off the train, holding the door with his foot: "Sysh Lelik yes to those nada *** it, paehali !!!")
- Yes padazhi you!
- So while what you bluff with Etava?
- Work this (wink)

... Gopota hiding in the car, the curtain

20. Postal area

21. Republican Stadium. The same to be inspected, EURO-2012.
Me running millitsioner, but ran up unfolds (received a signal that The kids jump over the balustrade and it would be necessary to tie them). Making a couple of frames with pleasure listening to the dialogue:

- You are here cho kick up a row?
- And you what? (!!!)
- I've been guarding the order
- Guarded, we are businessmen
- Simply Be and behave normally
- And then sho?
- And then we'll go to the police station in handcuffs

Tiny breasts trying to climb on the experiment, it is trying to reassure each girl, I screamed "In the kidneys it !!!", duty with the cop choke with laughter) Release :) That's because sometimes you can save a life)))

22. Palace of Ukraine

24. Lybedskaya. Pts beautiful station. Generally, most plants look really good, requires only periodic maintenance. At Slavutych, for example, for 20 years with a ceiling not to remove dust, and some stations are completely lined with buckets and where water drips from the ceilings


26. University. Here is a botanic garden and AV Fomin

27. Golden Gate


29. The second floor of Akademgorodok, circular road

30. Akademgorodok, First Floor

31. Beresteiskaya.

Why not all stations, why so little? We felt that other stations do not represent for us a great artistic interest.

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