[kl-bogel] Weekday American SEAL

"Navy SEALs" are a special military unit that conducts special operations in any environment, but whose members are trained to work in the marine and coastal areas. "Navy SEALs» (SEAL) got its name from the environment in which they were trained to operate: sea, air and land (sea, air and land). Their small professional team usually works at night for some of the most important operations. "Navy SEALs" are constantly used worldwide to protect national interests. In addition to reconnaissance and sabotage and assault operations SEAL designed to address a number of other specific tasks: a cover main forces, the artillery, mine-clearing and mining, to ensure communications in areas where the recent battle, the fight against maritime terrorism and illegal crossing of the sea frontiers of the country.

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"Navy SEALs" and their colleagues, a division of Naval Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen, represent the operational unit, which is headed by special command of the Naval Special Warfare Command.
Education and training provided to soldiers of this division, stressed the continued importance of individual initiative, personal responsibility and striving for victory.

1. During military operations requires a special kind of soldiers to help protect the nation. Ordinary people with extraordinary desire to win.

2. "Navy SEALs" stand alongside the best special-purpose forces of America to serve his country, the American people, and protect their way of life.

3. Trident - a symbol of "sea lion" - a symbol of dignity and honor. Transferred from the fallen heroes, it symbolizes the help the people trust.

4. Any terrain - no problem.

5. "Navy SEALs" - those who rely on the most difficult job that is unlikely to cope any other subdivision.

6. "Navy SEALs" swear to always protect those who can not defend himself.

7. Recognition and praise - not important for the "sea lion".

8. "Navy SEALs" happy to take all the difficult aspects of his career - including a grueling sea training.

9. "Navy SEALs" swear never to retreat or on the battlefield or off it.

10. Issue of the "sea lion". One of the main characteristics is the ability to suppress and control their own emotions in any situation ...

11. ... Even in the air.

12. The military alert.

13. Under water.

14. To the surface. "Navy SEALs are ready to take responsibility for the conduct of any operation, if the commander of the fall.

15. On a submarine.

16. "Navy SEALs" - modern ninja.

17. Marine soldiers, unaccustomed retreat.

18. Smoke at sunset. SEAL accustom to the idea that they are physically stronger and much smarter than their enemies.

19. One of the conditions - if you fall, be sure to rise. Always.

20. For SEAL mission and the safety of his comrades - before anything else.

21. The fight for the "sea lion" never ends.

22. The pistol of one of the "sea lion". Two key concepts for the members of this unit: the discipline and innovation.

23. Each of them understands that the success of the mission and the lives of his comrades in arms depends directly from him, from his skills, training, care.

24. "Navy SEALs" - is among the elite military units.

25. "Sea lion" - a silhouette against the sky.

26. Each of them is always clearly understand what the principles of protecting and for what.

27. In the rays of the sun.

28. Each of them understands the responsibility that rests on it.

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