[kl-bogel] Cascais, Portugal (29 photos)

Finish dismantling pictures from Portugal. Today I will discuss the wonderful city of Cascais, located in the 30-minute drive from Lisbon. You can reach it by taxi in just 20 euros. In Cascais you can swim, is one of the main resorts of Sunshine Coast (the Portuguese Riviera), it has all the attributes of the resort town - beach (windsurfing), restaurants, discos, embankment at the foot of the citadel, churches, chapels. But most importantly there is a wonderful museum of the artist Paula Rego

01. Name of Cascais originated from the word cascale - "little gem".



04. In the old town Cascais you can see a very beautiful palace - Palacio de Conde de Castro Guimarres, which is open to the public. Here is a wonderful collection of books - 25 thousand books. Exposition Maritime Museum tells the history of the city and the local traditions of fishing. Historical and architectural richness of Cascais - a church XV-XVIII centuries, as well as the ancient castle of St. George, located on a hill high above the city.

05. Cascais is located near the cliff La boca do inferno ("mouth of hell"). This is a natural grotto, created waves hitting the rocks.






11. Now let's look at than ride on the old narrow streets of the local police. Small smatr.

12. Kvatrotsikl.

13. Scooter.

14. Of all the sights I would have canceled the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego - Museum of the artist Paula Rego, built by the architect Eduardo Sout de Mora in the Portuguese town of Cascais in 2009. Appearance of the museum is a modern interpretation of the historical local architectural style. Unfortunately, the guides hold back information about this wonderful building.


16. The building itself consists of four buildings, converging around a central premise - the hall of temporary exhibitions. The walls of exhibition spaces are covered with a light plaster, the floor is paved with gray marble, mined near Kayshkasha. Also, the museum has an auditorium with 200 seats.

17. Admission is free, is not allowed to shoot.

18. Rego, the Portuguese are among the biggest artist of our time, she chose the architect for the House of History "(This is the official name of the museum). Probably, for it was important to shade his emotionally intense paintings restrained background architecture Sout de Moura.

19. The use of natural stone in the decoration of exhibition space helps maintain a constant optimum temperature in the rooms.


21. Unfortunately, the inside is nothing special to watch)


23. But externally the building is very interesting.







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