[kl-bogel] Welcome to Moscow! Welcome to Russia! Pushkin and Gagarin, Rostov, Natasha!

In this post I will talk about tourism exhibition ITM 2011 in Crocus-Expo, where I had drifted by chance last weekend, since no relation to the tourist business, I have no idea. I dragged out an unreal amount of tourist brochures and guides to different countries - even open your travel agency.

On the show I attended in the afternoon and people are almost not there. Apparently, it's interesting and it was crowded in the morning. Nevertheless, I walk along the stands of different countries, where I volunteer-force vparivali all kinds of brochures, calendars, discounts and more.


2. In connection with the sharks and the revolutions elsewhere in Turkey this year as never before "the horse". The biggest market in the exhibition was devoted to just this country with unlimited travel opportunities and a huge hotel chain.

3. Of course, touted the left and right of the national carrier Turkish airlines. The airline I flew only 2 times ( to Istanbul and back), but the experience was very successful. Who flew and where Turkish airlines? How do you this airline?


5. And here is the "Turkish" beauty.


7. Touting the different regions of Turkey, under hotels Antalya coast and does have allocated a separate room.


9. Then showed how to draw pictures on the water. And during the day Turkey suited to its site various presentations, shows and other entertainment events. From them I took many simply wonderful and full of quality books, guides for different regions of Turkey, which will certainly go further.

10. Egypt, whose site is also occupied a considerable exhibition space, alas, was not in favor.
Due to the cancellation of flights to Egypt inscription, "Where it all begins" vproru change to "Where it all ends." In Egypt, the last time I was in November 2010 - just before the shark and the revolution, once again visited the Cairo museum looted afterwards and looked at the pyramids. Reports look here.


12. Egyptian empty stands reflect the tourism situation in the country.

13. Seeing me, the Egyptians immediately rushed me to load all sorts of brochures, begged them to take the box, so I went with him for the exhibition, attracting interest in them and even violently vparivali annual ticket to visit all the ancient temples and pyramids in Egypt, if any found in nature.

14. Between Turkey and Egypt is geographically the island of eternal summer - Cyprus. Neighbors he was with them at the exhibition. In Cyprus, I was 2 times - reporting from the island of Aphrodite can be read here.

15. This sweet little girl - smiling all the Korean and gladly talked about tourist opportunities in Korea. Who was in Korea?? Roll the links to their reports on the visit to this country. I was not there - so count them happy.

16. At the stand of Thailand, I found no one, but it took a lot of unrealistic colorful brochures with beautiful pictures, describing the beach areas of Thailand, and guide to Bangkok. This year, as you know, in early February, I returned from the Dominican Republic. Oh! As I have nostalgia about last year's holiday in Thailand!

Those who were in the Dominican Republic, and Tailade - please unsubscribe on the subject "Where is the best?" Of course, I realize that comparing Thailand still correct with the countries of Southeast Asia, and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Nevertheless, I want to hear your personal opinion about where liked and which will certainly go further.

17. China at the exhibition was presented fairly well. Gave me an incredibly beautiful loose-leaf calendar with native species. Thank you!




21. The exhibition also took most of the stands of the former USSR countries and many regions of Russia. Almost every member of the Russian Federation was represented by its tourist possibilities - from traditional tourism of Krasnodar Region to Yakutia and the North Caucasus republics.

22. North Caucasus republics were opportunities for tourism in their regions are not anyhow, but in their national costumes!


24. Others, too, did not lag behind!

25. Particularly distinguished Altai Territory! They have on-site virtually non-stop performances were different teams.



28. This girl danced better and perky all!





33. As I said at the exhibition was not without resorts of Krasnodar region. My friends, how long were you there?? I was last here in Sochi, 4 years ago and then in the winter. Does anyone else out there rest??

34. That's just what to do in Yakutia?? The big question))). I must say, I was in Yakutsk, the 2 back in November. Thank God, there was severe frost).

Finally I recommend to look a little video clip that I made about the stand of the Altai Territory! Positive emotions guarantee))) Otpad Song) "Welcome to Moscow, Welcome to Russia! Pushkin, Gagarin, Rostov, Natasha!"

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