[kl-bogel] Using wind power for electricity production

Huge wind turbines located on the outskirts of towns and villages - it is normal thing in Europe and the USA. And install these beautiful giants or just on land but on water expanse.

(21 photos)

1. Currently, the idea of ​​getting electricity through the use of wind power is not new. The first attempts to produce electrical energy from wind power have been made yet in the years 1887-88 19 th century founder of the American electrical industry, Charles F. Brachet, build a prototype automatically controlled wind turbines to produce electricity. This huge turbine rotor diameter which was 17 meters, set in motion 144 blades, made of cedar ....

2. The first windmills in Europe were built in 1900 and the beginning of World War II to produce electrical energy from wind power on the planet used by several million wind power plants.

3. Contemporary design of the windmill.

4. A modern wind turbine is a steel tower 70 to 125 m, on top of which there are generator rotor having a 56-meter blades, made of composite materials.

5. Currently, to convert wind power into electrical energy is used not only small (one house), wind turbines, but also huge, allow electricity to large areas. The photograph shows just such a giant windmills as a background for the house at the bottom of photos seem unusually small.

6. One of the largest wind turbine capacity of 4.5 megawatts, built in Germany under the Magdeburg in September 2002, is a 120-meter tower, which is mounted rotor. The rotor of the windmill has three blades, each of which reaches a size of 52 meters in length and 6 meters in width and has a weight of 20 tons each.

7. Rotor windmill.

8. The photograph shows a giant wind turbine blades.

9. The latest achievement in the field of wind energy are wind turbines, rotor diameter greater than the wingspan of the giant planes, even such as Ruslan. Power of such a facility is 1 to 2 megawatts and can provide power for 800 modern homes.

10. This year in Norway are working to build the world's largest wind turbine that will provide electricity to 2,000 homes at once. According to project data will be its height is 533 feet (162 meters), and the rotor diameter - 475 feet (144 meters). The project cost of the prototype achieves a record 67.5 million dollars.

11. Record the size and power is now a wind turbine Enercon E-126 altitude of 141 meters, whose power is 7 MW, which was built near the German town of Emden.

12. Installation work on installing the wind turbine Enercon E-126:

13. Photo shows the wind turbine Enercon E-126 full-length

14. Installation work on installing a windmill at the expanse of water.

15. The world's tallest wind turbine installed in the province of San Juan at a height of 4,110 meters above sea level recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. He belongs to the world's largest gold mining company, Barrick.

16. Currently, the most powerful generators are not created by increasing the weight and dimensions of the rotor blades, but due to advanced engineering inventions.

17. Installation of wind turbines, which initially costly, with an estimated lifespan of 25 years will pay off within the first 7 years of operation.

18. Leader in Europe for wind power is Denmark. Windmills in Denmark are located, usually on rocky reefs and shoals, located about 2 km from the coast.

19. The most successful place in Europe to install the windmill are the Scottish island of Foreign Hybrids, the northern part of which is blown by the wind constantly.

20. At the end of last year by Deepwater Wind are working on the design of the deepest of wind power in the world.

21. It is planned that it will be built over 29 to 43 km off the coast of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There will be made up to 1 000 megawatts, which is comparable to the amount of energy produced by nuclear reactors. Wind turbines will be built on the ocean bottom at a depth of 52 m, which is much deeper than any other modern wind farm.

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