[kl-bogel] Underwater skyscrapers of garbage (5 photos)

Everyone knows about the huge island of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean and has a size comparable to the area of ​​two Texas. That as a solution to this problem, a group of Serbian architects invited to create underwater skyscrapers Lady Landfill Skyscraper, as a material for the construction of which will be used litter from this infamous island.

The idea similar to the icebergs of buildings whose underwater part of the size considerably exceeds the surface is not new. Some time ago we were talking about residential cottages Icebergs from Daniel Andersson (Daniel Andersson). That's a project called Lady Landfill Skyscraper, designed by architects Serbian Milorad Vidoedichem (Milorad Vidojević), Elena Pukarevich (Jelena Pucarević) and Milica Pichler (Milica Pihler) is very similar to these cottages. Here it will be not only private houses, and huge underwater skyscrapers with a small sail.

But it is above-water part of the original "iceberg" and will be manned. There will be residential and office buildings, hotels and shops. Well, a big, underwater part of Lady Landfill Skyscraper, will represent a vertical conical mass consisting of debris.

It will be a reliable basis for the exploited part of the skyscraper. And, in this case, it is this mass of junk and will be a major source of some of the resources of the building, for example, natural gas. After all, the water will be a center for recycling these wastes.
Locate trash skyscrapers are now expected to near the northern coast of Chile. For there the depth of the ocean is deep enough almost on the shore, and before the Great Bin Island not far from there.

The project of underwater garbage skyscrapers Lady Landfill Skyscraper received special mention in the competition of projects of skyscrapers eVolo 2011.

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