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Today's post is dedicated to the beaches of Pattaya. I note that two weeks prebyvaeniya in Thailand, on the beach could stay only a few times. All of you know, once: that two-day trip on the River Kwai, the Bangkok, Singapore, as a result of beach bliss with sipping juice and LINIV flipping from side to side was given a few days neslednih Asian voyage. Also, this post will be the first where I will place his own captured video (although on iPhone). If the experiment is found to be successful, we will continue videopotugi.

Our first beach experience was realized during a trip to the so-called "island monkeys". We really went on a boat to some island, fed monkeys bananas and moved on to the beach. There has been great, quiet and peaceful, but not for long. Then, as always "come in large numbers" are the same as we do, but it does not spoil the impression. And the added experience way back when the sea is a little storm, and water flooded the open boat. The only person who, as they say, came out unscathed, was the captain. Others - wet to the skin. Well, back to the beach, show some thematic photo.

The boat, which traveled.

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Someone said that Pattaya is no beach, no place to swim, anywhere cesspool, etc. This is partly true, if we talk about the city limits. But near the town there are several islands, the most proximal of which - Koh Lan. A total of 30 baht (about 30 rubles.) Hour, and you are there. Next on the tuk-tuk or mototaksi get to the desired beach and - voila - a pleasant idleness.

As an exclusive experiment will show some photos from this island, made ​​with the iPhone 4, as well as video.

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12. Gallery Albums Foto.ru

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And finally, a little video.

After pouring on Youtube quality has deteriorated, unfortunately :-( But I hope it did not prevent the perception.

That is all. See you on the air!

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