Monday, May 9, 2011

[kl-bogel] Thailand: around Pattaya

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Today's post is dedicated surroundings Pattaya. For many will be awesome, but there is, what to see. You'll see the difference between a Chinese temple on the Thai, take a high-altitude ascent to the "footprint of the Buddha", visit the psevdoderevne people with long necks - Karen; know what present Thai king made a 50-year anniversary.

In Pattaya the most practically do not have some cultural or historic sites (Walking Street is not considered). But if you travel around the around, then you will be a couple of temples, several of the Buddhas and other tourist attractions.

A large tree, for example.

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Pond with hungry somami (what if people fall in? Will eat after all)

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Show the temple, which houses another foot Buddha. Of course, special, unique in the world according to some parameter.

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Even the trees - and the sacred.

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Chairs and a table too difficult - for them sitting monks.

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Sacred worn towels. It is not for tourists but also for monks.

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Thai temples are beautiful, but the Chinese brighter and more varied. Separately, a Thai-Chinese relations, I will discuss in the next post.

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Fans of extreme sports and high-altitude climbing predlozhat test themselves for the sake of the vision of another "footprint of the Buddha." What to see him, ostensibly to rise to 300 steps, leaving it to each one of its negative traits. The idea is that the top man rises completely purified, but instead I was completely sweaty. Whether the negative features is small, if not close to the Buddhist culture.

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Down somehow easier.

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On the way back upstairs, and some interesting articles and views.

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Hence Pattaya does not look as garbage.

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Lonely panicle hardworking Thais.

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Which did not reach those leaves.

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This saw can not remember where.

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Good to be king: all love you, love, all over your picture, subjects are presented with poradki. And if you had a birthday, then hold on. For example, at 50 years of the present King Phumipona Adulyadej aka Rama IX, also known as the Great, erected an image of Buddha. But the easiest ways to not seek the Buddha, a height of about 160 meters, is located right on the mountain, laying out situet gold plates.

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Not far from this place is a wonderful attraction that can be called a human zoo - psevdoderevnya small nation under the name "Karen." As part of the development of tourism in Thailand, a dozen of these animals brought from the northwest of Thailand (where they actually live and, well, even in Myanmar in part) to make such a Potemkin village for tourists. And so for days they pose and smile in passing selling souvenirs.

So look "exhibits."

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And so very "village".

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And as souvenirs.

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That is all. See you on the air!

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