[kl-bogel] Ten species of animals with strange sexual behavior (10 photos)

1. After mating, the male sex tape seals the snake hole female secretions from their kidneys. This stamp serves as a sort of "chastity belt" which prevents the pairing of the other males and guarantee fertilization by the first male to the female draws near.

2. Male rinodermy Darwin - a frog, living along the southern coast of Chile, - after the fertilization of eggs and swallows it holds in its voice bag. When the tadpoles are growing up, he opens his mouth and lets them out.

3. Seahorse - the only animal species, males who become pregnant and give birth. During the breeding season the female seahorse swims up to the male and with nipple-like appendage introduces the eggs in a special chamber in the form of the bag on the abdomen of male. The male then fertilizes them and for some time bears little seahorses in his stomach.

4. In the Mozambican catfish process of fertilization occurs in females in the mouth. Postponing eggs, she turns to swallow it. Then it swims up to the male, spots on the anal fin is very much like eggs. Female, bewildered, opens her mouth to swallow these eggs, and then allocate the male sperm fertilizing eggs already present in the female in the mouth. There fries are developed until, until they grow up. Even after small fish begin to search independently for food, at the slightest danger, they rush into a safe shelter - the mouth of his mother.

5. Females bedbug no holes for mating, and males have their own drilled him with the help of his curved and sharp penis. Then he introduces the sperm into the female, which (with a deficiency of blood) and the female sometimes eats.

6. During mating, the female praying mantis eats her partner. For the duration of copulation, the female, have greater size, the male keeps the front paws and begins to devour his head. Sexual desire in males is so large that it does not stop mating even when he is at risk. Some scientists believe that the process of eating even enhances sexual desire male.

7. Male akarimorfnogo tick born fully formed insects and helps her mother in childbirth, acting like a midwife. Hind legs, he lacks her sisters, emerging from the sexual openings, and pulls them out. What's even more strange, he copulates with them and continues to be nearby, ready at any time again come to the aid of the mother.

8. Legs of male water mite sometimes serve it with additional sexual organs, which it penetrates into the female. During pairing it so strongly presses the female to the ground with tiny hooks that it barely moves. However, he still adheres to it with a special substance, so she has of him not to leave.

9. Short-eared marsupial mouse - similar to normal mice, the Australian marsupial, the only among all mammals die after mating. During the breeding season males are exclusively engaged in pairing up until not drop dead in a literal sense. Most of them die of hunger because they do not find time for it to seek food or absorb it.

10. The male mite is not the penis, and he introduces the female sex hole his nose. Enough to expand it, he turns his back and releases the sperm out of his rear hole. Then again, turns around and again pushes the nose of the sperm deeper.

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