[kl-bogel] Robokar «Eurobot» for Mars exploration

In Rio Tinto, Spain, tested robokara «Eurobot» for Mars exploration. Arid region was chosen to test the new suit and a prototype unmanned robokara called Eurobot. Scientists said that the unusual chemical and geological characteristics of the locality bring it closer to the working conditions on Mars.

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2. Prototype robokara-rover "Eurobot" worth 1.5 million euros was transferred from the Netherlands to Spain for its first test in the field.

3. A man in a prototype spacesuit for Mars Aouda.X goes to the Phileas, robokaru-rover, developed by a team of Austrian Space Forum. Aouda.X spacesuit was designed by the Austrian Space Forum participants over three years.

4. Testing robokara "Eurobot.

5. Man, the model unit for landing on the moon «GLXP White Label Space Lunar Lander».

6. Robokar "Eurobot" passes a model vehicle for landing on the moon «GLXP White Label Space Lunar Lander».

7. A man in a prototype spacesuit for Mars Aouda.X.

8. A man in a prototype spacesuit for Mars Aouda.X and robokar "Eurobot" in Rio Tinto, Spain.

9. Meanwhile, a team of scientists from Leicester continues its development with a single purpose: they are hoping to open a life on Mars. If all goes according to plan, in 2019 the mission ExoMars, in the form of two unmanned, remote-controlled rovers, robokarov, will hold 180 Martian days (a Martian day is 24 hours and 37 minutes), photographing, studying and analyzing the Red Planet.

10. ExoMars mission is a European initiative, but most of the technologies currently being developed in the UK, including the so-called Life Marker Chip - measure the presence of life, which is on board one of robokarov. In fact, this device is the size of a mobile phone capable of replacing an entire laboratory. His task - to analyze for the presence of specific molecules, which would indicate that Mars is or was life. The device is currently being developed at the University of Leicester.

11. U.S. plans to launch robokar worth 2.5 billion dollars under the name «Curiosity» at the end of this year. Robokar have to land on Mars in August 2012. In this photo, engineers, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., costs about shell AeroShell Mars Science Laboratory, which will help protect robokar of temperature drop that landed on Mars.

12. Technicians in protective suits are working around the clock at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Los Angeles over the assembly robokara «Curiosity», testing out his equipment before transport robokar to Florida, where this year should start to happen.

13. 3D high-resolution cameras, which helped build director James Cameron for the next robokara, space agency were rejected. NASA claims that the work delayed due to the fact that the experts a little time testing the equipment before starting. But responsible for the project, John Grotsinger claims that she camera that is installed on robokare «Curiosity» Now, it is within the scope of the mission.

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