[kl-bogel] Rekabentuk bangunan unik di Izmailovo Kremlin

Since ancient times, in every big city was the ancient Russian Kremlin, whose massive walls protected from enemies. Kremlin considered the core of the settlement. Here for the "siege of seating to collect all the surviving population of the city. Initially, the Kremlin were wooden and later stone, impervious to fire, and enclosed by forbidding towers and water moats.

At the present moment in Russia survived more than 20 historical and cultural complexes, which are called the "Kremlin".
It is not only fighting fortress with stone walls and towers, is also remarkable architectural complexes with temples, palaces, houses, solemnly decorated entrances. Kremlin of Russia - the pride of the Russian land and its heritage. The Kremlin is best preserved in Moscow, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Pskov and Rostov.

As befits the capital to the Kremlin, the Moscow Kremlin, situated on Borovitsky hill on the left bank of the Moskva River, the most-most. I think everything at least once in his life seen, but not everyone knows that Moscow Kremlin TWO!

Second Moscow Kremlin - Izmailovsky - located in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, near the metro and Guerrilla is a Vernissage "Russian Compound" single cultural-entertainment complex. In this post I will limit myself a little tale about the Kremlin and show only the photos. Fans Vernissage understand me because of him we must speak separately.



Izmailovo Kremlin is adjacent to Europe's largest hotel complex "Izmailovo", popularly called "ABVGDeyka" (named after its hull Alpha-Beta-Vega-Gamma-Delta) and built for the Olympic Games in 1980.


4. Earlier in place Izmailovsky the Kremlin, which was built between 1998 and 2007, was a vacant lot, and after it was built with notorious neighbors Cherkizovsky market. But closing Cherkizon not interfere to a brisk trade near the Kremlin walls, and to this day, a bus station, stabbed trip bus Moscow-Nalchik adds color.


6. Currently, within the complex are city festivals, fairs and festivals. Since April 30, you have the opportunity to celebrate in the Izmailovo Kremlin ancient Russian holiday "Red Hill" and observe how in Russia was performed wedding ceremonies.

7. For those who do not like to watch, and loves to participate - you can celebrate in the Izmailovo Kremlin's own wedding, and I did a couple of years ago. The wedding, conducted in the Izmailovo Kremlin, called the "royal" because the newlyweds and their guests are greeted with a king and queen of folk group in ancient costumes. The Tsar's wedding, if anyone interested, includes an ancient wedding ceremonies with singing and dancing in the Kremlin, visiting the Church of St. Nicholas and other options to your liking. Our guests liked it, so I recommend. In addition, not everyone can boast a wedding in the Kremlin!




11. This is the main gate of the Izmailovo Kremlin. Admission is free!






17. On the territory of the Izmailovo Kremlin Russian Vodka is a tavern and a retro-cafe "Old Moscow"


19. Even within the complex are several museums: the Museum of the History of vodka, Russian costume museum, the Museum of Russian toys, museum of bread and a museum of boots.



22. The most popular, you guessed it, enjoy the Museum of the History of Russian Vodka.
Before entering the museum indicated 365 reasons to drink ... If (for the sake of propriety) are looking for a reason - go even so.
You will learn about the technology of cooking vodka, the main constituent of the most famous Russian drink, hear the fascinating story of how the vodka is to influence the course of important historical events in Russia and the personal representatives of the alcoholic tastes of the Russian Imperial House.


24. In 2009 the complex opened the Wedding Palace № 5, ie register the marriage can be directly in the Izmailovo Kremlin. We, however, this option is not used. The benefit is close to normal Izmailovsky Registry Office, in which no lines and problems with dates.


26. If your wedding is far behind and you already have children, then visit the Izmailovo Kremlin for you all the more necessary.
In addition to simply attending and participating in master classes on manufacture, for example, toys, you can celebrate the birthday of the child. I know that is very popular program "Search for Treasure", designed for children aged 6 to 14 years, pursued by buffoons charged.




30. This Church of St. Nicholas - the highest wooden church (46 meters) of Russia.



The central building of the complex is the Palace of Russian meal, which is a fantasy on the theme of creativity Simon Ushakov and wooden palaces in Izmailovo and Kolomna, built for Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov.

Architectural and decorative elements of the palace send us back to the XVII century, which was the apotheosis of wooden architecture in Russia.



The facade of the Palace is decorated stairways, balconies and gulbischami for ease of supervision of celebrations and festivities on the main square of the Izmailovo Kremlin. The interior of the Palace is decorated in the style of traditional crafts - Khokhloma and Palekh, combining elements of the royal chambers and peasant huts.

Top decor of the Palace is a small family coat of arms of the Romanov featuring fabulous griffin, holding in its claws a shield and sword. This character came to the Romanov dynasty of Lithuania, but the origins of its occurrence are from the Altai Mountains, where according to Greek myths, these fabulous beasts guarding the gold.






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