[kl-bogel] Provocation, in northern Israel

Today, several hundred "Palestinians" from Syria tried to infiltrate Israel. Border on the Golan Heights managed to cross about 70 people. Two people were killed during the breakout. "Palestinians" broke through to the Druze settlement of Majd al-Shams, which staged a rally in the center of the village chanting pro-Palestinian slogans. Currently, "Palestinians" pack off back to Syria. Five IDF soldiers were wounded.

IDF: a breakthrough in the north of the border - the result of an incorrect assessment of the situation. The Army felt that the most likely to demonstrate in another district, but because the main forces were concentrated there. For the same reason, perhaps, the soldiers in the area of ​​Majdal Shams had only light means to disperse the demonstrators. Firing stun grenades and tear gas did not stop the infiltrators, and water cannons, which could make the work much more effectively deployed in another part of the border.

After hundreds of Palestinians crossed the Syrian border, the commander of a brigade "Golani" ordered the selective firing at the feet of border violators. In the IDF believed that it was the best possible solution, since the number of offenders were women and children - and all could end up with hundreds killed.

UPD: As reported by the state radio of Israel - 10 killed, 120 wounded.

Photo JACK GUEZ / AFP / Getty Images | | REUTERS / Avihu Shapira

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