[kl-bogel] Perhimpunan sami dari 31 negara di siam..

Dhammakaya - is the largest sect in Thailand. Although many do not consider these people sectarians, but just committed to one branch of Buddhism. On their activities, they collect about 200 thousand people. It is common not only in Thailand, but also in 31 countries, ranging from the Congo and ending with Germany. They collect very rich offerings, many are buying land and deserted temples of other religions around the world, occupy their place of monks, so that they "carried their faith to the people '...

It seems to be nothing unusual, if not Dhammakaya followers prayed ... UFO! The monks built their temple in the form of a classic aircraft from a science fiction movie and call it the "mother ship» (mothership).

Its history, this sect began not so long ago, just 95 years ago, in 1916. Its founder is considered to be a monk Wat Paknam (Phra Monkolthepmuni), who dedicated his life to meditation and began to teach it to all the people who approached him. He claimed that meditation - a way to open all the knowledge of the Buddha, while previously it was thought that this is just a way to strengthen the mind and body. Among his students and followers of Wat Paknam chose the most loyal, dedicated and talented - Ubasika Chandra Khonnokyoong, who later, after the death of his teacher and founded the temple.

The temple had become a major international center for research on meditation. But every year wanting to learn meditation techniques, becoming more and more, so the building had all the time to expand, and subsequently to the main building of the temple were being completed "extra body" and even the gardens, which also can meditate. Now among the 1,470 residents of the community of monks and 443 novices, 161 laymen and 650 women.

All this could not be reflected in public opinion. The very existence of this religion is a lot of controversy and disagreement. This topic is now obsuzhdaema worldwide. Some believe that this is just a bunch of crazy fanatics, UFO worshipers, while managed to somehow win the trust of thousands of people. Probably, they dream of that wonder-plate to depart to his heavenly father, the Buddha.

Others draw comparisons with the Nazis. Dhammakaya followers hate Christians and Muslims. Step by step sect "absorb" more and more people buying up land, launches its "tentacles" in the entire country. It is believed that bribery is politicians, and the sect has a special program in engaging children in their ranks. And judging by the rate of sprawl, there are fears that they will gain political power.

hence , photos by LUKE DUGGLEBY, sent [Info] burdukin

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